Left Behind

sometimes i wish
for an empty nest ~
winged thoughts
would soar to the skies;
would leave me with nothing but
abandoned feathers & reminiscent twigs

sometimes i wish
for an empty nest ~
a new dawn;
and a breath of precious silence.


10 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. I sometimes have those breathes of precious silence, now. Ahhh. There is an air of reward in these moments of grace. My oldest is 40, by youngest is 19 and still at home, but is no longer entirely dependent me. Sometimes I am able to Not Do. — Bear

  2. my wings of thoughts are taking me to outer spaces, Its the age probably, your mind knows the peace, but your heart wants to fly… In time , hopefully i will find my empty nest,,, i hope!!

  3. and dare I say? Shall I say, as soon as I read your words Empty Nest my memoir sprung to mind. My interpretation as a mother – wishing for that breath of precious silence? Was so wanted, but then when silence fellโ€ฆso longed for. Exquisite my friend- simply and utterly xxx

  4. Oh, this tickles me. I wish for this when I exhale and then when I inhale… I long for a newborn. M hormones must really be having a grand ol’ time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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