ftoospets mlet in pddules
and i lsoe tcrak
for the hnudretdh tmie
tihs day;
i straed too hrad
at dmears lnog psat.

yuor gsohted slmie
is my rdidle,
yuor joureny
my pzzule,
and i am sitll
the one lfet bnihed
atfer all teshe yraes;
not kwnonig wrehe to setp.

Brian over at dVerse invites us to write a poem about puzzles for Poetics today. I assure you, this poem’s not written in a foreign tongue. Heh. πŸ˜‰ Grab a pen and join us at the bar!


46 thoughts on “Fragments

    • hoped it would be so πŸ™‚ it helps to let the first and last character of each word stay like the original. our brains can do marvelous things… πŸ˜‰
      thanks for the read!

  1. ha…when you stare too hard at dreams past, this is what you get…smiles…a bit cross eyed…smiles…a bit bitter sweet too on being left behind not knowing where to step…smiles….fun…

  2. i find it fascinating that even though the letters are not in the right place, how quick our brain fits them in correctly…would be cool if it were like this with everything in life…in our families and relationships… right..?

  3. Another vote for how surprisingly easy this is to read !! Also I see we were rolling on the same wavelength tonight with the mixed up letters !!
    “your ghosted smile is my riddle” just love that !! Really enjoyed this !!

  4. Cleverly done Miriam. Got a bit stuck on ‘gsohted’ though – don’t know why – its a puzzle to me! :o]
    Anna :o]

  5. ..Miriam… this is absolutely brilliant… like i didn’t really expect it from here… i loved the whole concept & you just inspired me to write something like this… ha… for some reasons i didn’t get any hard time reading this… it’s as if nothing actually is unusual… loved it!
    ..sometimes in helping others solve their puzzles we tend to forget we have our own puzzle to solve with… it isn’t the solving that is hard to accomplish…it’s the gathering of the pieces to solve puzzle that is hard & too long to accomplish… how can we gather enough pieces for our puzzles if the time alotted for gathering have been devoted to the wrong recipient… smiles… this is so good & dark…

  6. Easy to pick up the misplaced letters. but the consistency actually diminished the effect over the span of the read. Even fragments at times match up with little effort while others elude us. Still very much enjoyed the read.

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