upon the hearth of mice and men
a lonely prophet stirs his stew
adds brittle love and uncooked hope
a pinch of woe, enough for two

and in his dreams he stirs the world
lives hundred lives, yet touches few
for when he stirs, he stirs alone
his hearth his guilt, regret his stew.

… written for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub. Grab your poem and come join the fun! Happy Anniversary, dVerse!


54 thoughts on “Dreamer

  1. Wow this was great! I could see it in many different ways, like a vision, like a nightmare, like a fear, like a metaphor taking root. The rhymes with their ease make nice impact, gentle,yet strong.

  2. ah…he has an interesting mix there…i like his omnipotence in stirring these things for all the world, but then finding himself alone…and that is one thing with dreamers, esp those with compassion is what have they left for themselves in the end…

  3. i love the images – the uncooked hope – the stirring the world in dreams but don’t touch many people’s lives…. i hope he manages to break free from what walls him in..

  4. Even those who seem doomed from the start have hopes and dreams… Saw the theatre play “Of Mice & Men”…powerful.

    “yet touches few”… is heartbreaking.

    • i read the book in school many years ago and somehow it popped into my head – definitely gripping. thank you for the words & vist, Mary… hope you enjoy the summer sun…

  5. Deep, meaningful, dark, but had hope there also..

    Beautiful I thought..
    I hope you are keeping wlel Miriam.
    Sorry I have not visited in a while..
    Things have been tough/rough.

    Shaun x

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