4ever we see(k)
e(igh)ternity’s head stand
& ONE tied
to the 5-pointed star;


earth                      fire

 air            ether

is that really
all there is?

if 1and6 is me, i need another one of these ~
for 2getherwemake3,
but that’s a different story.

“What do you say, Valenzetti?
Are we Lost,
hitchhiking the Galaxy?”

… but the answer is always

… a rather cryptic one for Laurie Kolp’s prompt about numbers over at dVerse.
Hope you enjoy nonetheless!
What’s your number? Come and join us at the bar!
photo credits: images3.wikia.nocookie.net


39 thoughts on “42.

  1. ok got totally fascinated by the valenzetti equation…ha…how many day until we consume ourselves…ah that is def the question…smiles…42 for sure…hitchhiking the galaxy, just make sure you take your towel, just saying…smiles…fun wordplay in this miriam around the numbers that play in2 us….

  2. ha smiles… need to check out the valenzetti link…i think life is much more more-dimensional than we know…and who could put it into any equation…

  3. Ooh… I love this, Miriam, how you incorporated numbers 1-6… mysterious, too. Thanks for your contribution at dVerse!

    • ha, that’s totally okay hun – it is indeed VERY cryptic… xx
      funny you get here now – i just went to your place to catch up… missed so much throughout the week! have a wonderful day, Jen! Miss you!

    • Ah, it’s cryptic… maybe a little too cryptic… heh. Thanks for the visit, Kelvin – and your english is superb… it is probably just my confusing mind that causes trouble… heh.

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