Stripped Bare

sometimes i lose myself in the gap
between zombie flicks and heroic deeds;
there is a love story, wrapped in plastic,
that reveals my squishy core
and points your way

when pompous days retreat,
I seek refuge, devoid its colors
& smile in grey, not
taking sides
for a change

in this moment,
when your gaze holds mine,
I shed my heavy armor
and, for just a second,

Fred Rutherford over at dVerse invites us to write a poem on the topic of becoming ‘unplugged’ for Poetics today. Grab a pen and join the fun!


38 thoughts on “Stripped Bare

  1. smiles…what a wonderful feeling when you can take the armor off and just be with that person….def a cool feeling…i get that feel at times as well that life becomes a big action adventure flick…ha

  2. I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx great photos

  3. I like this idea of ‘unplugging.’ If only we felt free to be this kind of unplugged MORE often. If only everyone were always unplugged, what a unique world this would be.

  4. Such beautiful writing, Miriam… to get rid of whatever type of armor we hide behind is so freeing, and definitely requires trust and love.

  5. It is beautiful to me how present you are in this poem. I find your first line completely engaging and I like your continued build-up to the last stanza. great unplugging!

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