Reflection/Dear Self

Dear Self,

last night your tiny voice
played catch with moonbeams,
and in an instant of clarity,
your words rang true.

for too long i have buried you
under the stench of make-believe,
and waxen smiles, painted lipstick-red,
fastened lies to the surface.

it was the mirror of the moon
that thrust this bladed truth through prison’s flesh,
and feeble, makeshift lies flaked off my callused mind
to leave me bare & bathed in light.

i am sorry i failed you
for so long.
it is time for change.


Mary over at dVerse invites us to write an ‘epistolary poem’ for Poetics today – I wrote a letter-poem to myself. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, thank you, Mary.
As I am going through some major changes in my life, I do not know how often I will be able to write over the next couple of weeks – time will tell. It will be quite a journey on my end, so bear with me…
I would like to say thank you to my wonderful readers and fellow poets… you never cease to amaze me.
See you soon!


67 thoughts on “Reflection/Dear Self

  1. i like when that tiny voice reaches the ear or better the heart…or better the brain finally… not always easy… whatever it is…wishing you much strength and lots of luck for the changes you’re about to make

  2. I could feel your emotions through your words. Sometimes we tend become a lie, while impersonating a lie. But it is good that the time for change has come.
    Moonbeam tends to make us self-reflect ourselves from within.
    Powerful, true to soul writing.

  3. this is a beautiful poem to read and that voice, though tiny, does manage to make itself heard – i understand the need to withdraw from time to time… wishing you all the best till you return

  4. oh snap….very nice….the blade of moonlight slashing through our illusions…yes it is def time for a change…and hey thank goodness that we get these wake up calls to our reality eh> smiles…

  5. Miriam – This is well timed for me as well- taking your words very much to heart πŸ™‚ Seems to be along the same line of conversation I have been having with a somewhat stubborn ‘self’ – thanks for sharing this beautiful poem – K

  6. This is so touching… to listen to that inner voice is so rewarding and I wish you the best on your journey. I hope you won’t stray too far, though.

  7. this, Mirian, rings absolutely true. you have left me reflecting, thinking of all the cumulative tortures i inflict on my psyche.
    thanks so much for sharing this piece.

  8. It’s good to write a letter to the self and to address that little voice…how often we ignore it only to later on wish we’d listened. Nice to pay homage to it once and while. I wish you well in whatever changes come your way… πŸ™‚

  9. …ah, everyday we are changing & that sometimes scares me as there is no assurance whether the change will improve me or will break me… i just wish that whatever changes you would like to go through in life i hope it’s all for the better of your loved ones & most importantly of yourself… make or break live without regrets & be happy… smiles… best of luck!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for such beautiful strength and rawness in this my friend. Sometime a new journey needs to be taken, a new path to be walked upon, to find ourselves once more. May you find yourself as this writing world needs you… we all need you. Love and dearest thoughts sweet Miri. xx

  11. What a lovely write. You’re living fully it seems, since life is all about change. Hope the changes you’re going through teach you much about the moon’s light.

  12. Miriam, whatever you’ve been hiding from, or perhaps confronting headon for the first time, I hope you have a productive, peaceful sojourn. We all stick together in the blogosphere, and you should know there are lots of good vibes coming your way. Peace, Amy

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