Bilbo once
tape-measured my sanity
but never mentioned that I
was a few inches short

I wish I had known
for I would never have walked into Mordor
without my
own personal Sam

& at the end of the day
it is not The One Ring
that rules us all –
but love, in all its facets.


4 thoughts on “Thin&Stretched

  1. I love the connection to lord of the rings, Miri, I don’t think you have come up short at all, love tests the great and the small. I am so happy to see you back writing. I hope you are doing okay.. Miss you ❀ xx

    • Thank you for checking it out! Yes… Lord of the Rings is a MUST – hope Tolkien looks the other way while I use his wonderful story to get my point across… πŸ˜‰

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