there is nowhere left to go
as I see your colorless fortitude
fade to crumpled bones and worn edges —
leaving you bare & stripped of
all those wonders you wore
like everyday clothing

& Instinct
uproots congeniality – while I
remain guessing at
whatever the fuck you said
in that certain moment
when longing turned to resignation.

may those presumptions crumble
and turn doubt to dust,
never to be cradled again.

2 thoughts on “(Brainf)artistry

  1. Woah, Miri! Back with a bang!
    And a nicely placed F-bomb to boot.

    I can feel the sting of this. Glad I’m not on the receiving end.

    Amazingly fabulous to see your words again, my dear. As it happens, I was just thinking of you. I’m working on some ideas for starting up something rather “Iron Poet”-esque. By a different name, of course, but I’ve been working up a list of initial participants and yours of course sprung to mind. No idea what kind of time you have but I’d love to keep you in the loop if you’re interested.

    Again–SO good to see you.

    Johnny (Crabcakes)


    • It’s good to see you, too! 🙂
      This ‘brainfart’ has been stale for quite some time, but it crossed my mind the other day, so… better to let it out than hold it in, right?!
      I don’t have as much time to write as I used to have, but if you don’t mind me phasing in and out, I’d love to be a part of what you’re cooking up. Brainfood is always welcome – I loved what we used to do… a wonderful retreat. Thank you for thinking of me!

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