Warm Heart(h)

back when I wished I could still fit
into your apron’s pocket
I watched time t(r)ick(le) off the kitchen wall
& pool in those delicate smile lines
you assembled so carefully over the years

the stories you told sounded like
filtered sunlight & the clatter of dishes
while you let me dangle my feet
off the kitchen counter
(cheeks sticky with ssshh! secret apricot jam)
when no one was watching
but you.

It has been years since I visited dVerse Poets Pub due to my lack of time to write… but for their 8th year Anniversary I just had to pen down a couple of lines. This time, Brian asks us to take a memory/moment and paint a picture of it… I hope I accomplished that.
Pay them a visit if you have a few minutes… they are wonderful poets.


32 thoughts on “Warm Heart(h)

  1. Oh I adore this!!!! “I watched time trickle off the kitchen wall”….I love this idea as this is where so many mundane moments happened in my life with my mother, my father. I had no idea how important every moment was. Now what I wouldn’t give to just sit for one more night…go back in time….to one family supper, sitting across from them at our table.
    I loved this post!

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    • Thank you for your kind words… I am glad you enjoyed it.
      I think it is never the “fancy” moments we treasure… but moments like the one above that fill us with warmth – at least that’s how it is for me. 🙂 Those are the real treasures.


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