Note on Awards

first of all, i want to thank those who are so thoughtful (and brave) to consider me for an award nomination.

however, i have to admit that i don’t like all the ‘rules’ and ‘award ceremonies’ surrounding these trophies… simply being read is worth more to me than the prettiest award.
so if you are so kind to nominate me, i am (almost) certain i will not follow the rules of accepting.

feel free to “nominate at your own risk”!

i am here to write.
that’s all i want to do.


11 thoughts on “Note on Awards”

  1. I understand your position on blog awards. They can be time consuming and often have little utility.

    However, I like to pay my respects to certain bloggers and use award nominations as an amusing way to do that. Since I find your poetry illuminating, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am certain your many readers will agree with my assessment of your work. Anyone who is interested in the nomination can learn more about the award here:

    Keep those great poems coming!

  2. prayingforoneday said:

    I KNOW, I KNOW!!!
    But this Award is special…It is also STUNNING!!

    Please accept this Award.
    I made it myself a while back.
    Welcome to my Word Press Family


    • lol thank you, Shaun 🙂

      • prayingforoneday said:

        I know your stance on Awards..You don’t have to give to 10 others..Just the Award if you want..

        Thank you 🙂

      • thank you for this – it is really sweet. 🙂
        however, i won’t make an exception – if i start again now, others will come…
        i hope you understand. i really do appreciate the gesture!

      • prayingforoneday said:

        The gesture is all it was really.
        You could just throw up the award and say nothing.
        But, I stopped bloggin myself, so I understand. I ended up with 125 awards in total. I was doing more Awards than blinking 🙂

        I understand Miriam..

      • heh, yes – i was heading there myself, so i put an end to it.

        thank you for understanding…

      • prayingforoneday said:

        I understand because I ended up the same 🙂
        I think many JUST DO Awards. And I can see why now why many don’t do them. Like you I love the sentiment and people thinking about us etc…

  3. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to participate in this…After what I’ve been doing for the last hour I think I may swear off these damn awards too! But I have nominated you for the Versatile blogging award.

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