The Impeccable Soles Of Batman’s Shoes

Batman would not have
taken the bus today &
stepped in someone else’s gum
my own shoes
do not fit anyone else
& my magic potion
still just tastes like coffee.

– Panacea –



tucked away in the smallest of closets
the child in her bellowed; holding fast to the promise of
an aging hyena’s sly smile, fully prepared
to deny those few strands of self
still clinging to pumping calves
on her steady decline

she left her name at the doorstep
along with her unbound fate, dropped
what little truth she had
into the blossoming weave of her mesmerizing colors
& displayed her heart for rent.

– The Sunday Whirl –

On The Far Side Of Neverland

on his sandpaper skin
you could see the scars of
all those missed trips to Neverland —

all those moments when
he wanted to be Peter Pan
but could not bring himself to fly

& with his earthbound grip
he built his foundation, solidly
on the slopes of a childhood dream

while his twinkling eyes
still sought Peter Pan
in the ever-changing skies.


you swallowed your sinewy thoughts
with the contents of a chipped coffee mug
at that old place just around the corner
& drifted to the bottom for




accompanied by the hollowed out
‘Do’s & Don’ts’ of social convention.
& when
she brushed her hair back, smUgly,
all you longed to see
were the remnants of vividness
her eyes once possessed,
but spires of woe
clouded her vision.