The Depths of Me

the depths of me
a labyrinth
twisted ways, dark corners
treasures hidden;
but i forgot to mark the spot

the depths of me
a mystery
to myself
to others;
i am
Indiana Jones
searching for the Holy Grail,
holding the map
upside down

the depths of me
a ball of heat
the core afire,
faith’s torch lighting
the darkest, blankest corridors
on the coldest days

the depths of me
a (sur)real world
where monsters and fairies live;
where i
ride the grand mare
in shining armor
or cower
old willow’s roots

the depths of me.
my journey,
my struggle,
my quest.

All for the Fries

and rain again
a steady downpour,
no umbrella,
stomach growling ~
not far now…

the safe haven,
distributor of The Best,
french fries, edible gold
so close.
my middle celebrates;
already tasting
sweet release…


through the tall windows, brightly lit, i see
tiles, polished to high sheen
village’s drunkard
in his usual spot,
head low, caressing
a bottle of beer;
the smell of fried goods
tickles, tortures my nose.

door opened by longing hand
to bells, jingling;
heaven’s sound
to my near-starving, soppy self ~
greeted by the snack bar’s owner,
i take my first step
to salvation

no warning for me,
my feet leave treacherous ground,
rear hits the tiles, hard ~
adventurous sneaker
to make contact
with my heart’s desire ~
the deep fryer.

the owner, baffled,
stares at the frying shoe
while i sit in pain, ears turning crimson ~
and the drunkard
honors me with a mumbled
” be more careful next time, girl”,
before he turns to
more pressing,
gulping matters.

i shared this because of dVerse‘s tempting call for the Unexpected…
ahem… “unfortunately”, a true story.

Distant Shores? Bring it on!

as for living
i made my choice
stepped out of the circle,
jumped into the windswept sea.
it might not seem like much,
not right now,
but i paid attention
when i had swimming lessons
and i am sure
i can stay afloat.
now i’m off to
distant shores
which i can’t see yet

and just in case it gets too hard
i still have
my floaties –
so i can
take a break
and study
the lay of the land… or sea.