Far Off Shore

I remember when
the first words out of my mouth
were not infested by
meandering termites &
my tongue still
felt alive

I remember when
fortune was not just
a four letter word —
but a one way ticket
to favored utopia

I remember when
there was still
laughter in the rain &
my hand did not stray from
touching yours.

– age –

Grandfather Clock

are we still bound?
by the same ribbon
that secured
our hearts to our sleeves?

does flesh unwind
when gloves crumble,
die of old age?

let me decipher
the language you speak ~
i can no longer read
your bearings.
fateful smile
sprung from frozen cheeks
while your eyes distance,
wrap me in shadow.

when time takes its toll
aren’t we all
naked in the dark,
eating memories
off empty plates?

Ripples you say… and I smile. Thank you, JC.