Coffee in November

dark treat;
hot and enticing ~
alertness extracted
from the mug
to float through our veins,
to banish
remnants of sleep.

although the mornings themselves
awaken gloomy and gray,
too tired to
spread light on our beings,
they aren’t half bad
with delicious warmth
as a reliable comforter
on darkening days.

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(Grandmother) Sun’s Departure

sun’s edge carefully dulled
as if it had lost its twang;
and though she refuses politely,
she gets tangled, caught
in autumn’s dark gray cotton candy,
shooting strings of wetness
upon trees and heads alike.

we all can only hope
that these rich drops
are our dear old friend’s parting tears
as she packs her bags for the season –
and not
incontinence issues.

… a somewhat quirky poem written for dVerse’s Open Link Night – let’s go grab a drink at the bar!

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