Feelings Aside, …

feelings wilt
while lovers’ hearts
take a tumble,
grow apart.

it takes its toll,
but soon you see
that it was never
meant to be.

don’t dwell on things
which never were;
the vivid flame
it could not stir.

so give a chance
to days to come;
embrace the lesson
and move on.



distant paths of silky wonder
lead the Wounded, guide the Strong ~
so long,
so long the turn would take,
but one more step
is a closer

long past the clash of titans,
silence borders on oblivion,
the night embraces (hollow) halo moon ~
licks its fingers
and composes
a symphony
of days to come.

photo credits: hyloforest.tumblr.com


fragmentation’s long-fingered shadows,
obsessed with
every staggering step,
every minor defect.
pointy nails, clawing at
the mind’s fortifications…
never shredding
but always present.

to break free
and leave the devil we know ~
it is not time yet.
we haven’t had enough
of the monotonous stagnation
we call life.

if luck guides our steps,
we witness small miracles ~
to keep us
on solid paths…
and for just a few moments
we may perceive
in its richest colors.

photo credits: write-read-live.blogspot.com


trail’s end
the death of an era;
muddy, strain-stained boots
once again
on solid ground.
too long was the time of chagrin,
too long did we try to broaden
the horizon of the blind.

ways part ~
roads differ;
the night is long.
We, the Moving,
our eyes open wide;
we ride.

break free;
rusty chains on charred ground,
leave the spoils of the new world
piling high ~
we ride
with purpose
we ride
for a new dawn.

photo credits: murraymitchell.com

Free Of Bonds

now feel the wild
run, dear child, run ~
you smiled for me.

go on, be free
think of me when
i see no more.

run to the shore
cool your sore legs;
your core alight.

flame burns so bright
silver-white You ~
no fright will harm.
Over at dVersePoets Raivenne has us experimenting with an Asian form of Poetry – the Than Bauk. This is my attempt. Come join us at the bar!

photo credits: collegecandy.com

It’s Time

work with me
on the surface of sound,
the brink of humanity’s rose war;
for centuries untouched subject
but unveiled in the presence
of dire need.

grab your spears
to pierce
traditions, dusty and brittle;
hidden in Snow White’s casket
to remind us
of history’s looming index finger –
ever accusing,
ever present.

isn’t it time
to leave time behind?

clockwork’s mantra.
unfold your sticky wings
and leave
the familiar, paralyzing cocoon.

isn’t it time
to leave time behind?!

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To Make Peace

anger left,
too sudden for a parting gift.
his scent will not
not anymore.

gratitude will stay;
the hot-blooded companion
made the sting of wounds
less painful.

i owe you…
i owe you…
my sanity.

i will never forget
how your power
fueled my will
to survive.

now, i may float
and enjoy the peace
of shallower, safer waters.

because of you, my companion…
of you.

Hope, After All

bound to the grave of
mystery’s debt
glistening tears
of creeping mold
on the freshly stained body;
the sun lingers
to cook up the corpse; lurid
and lift its spirit
to innocent meadows beyond.

I Am… In Time.

I Am.

tick tock
tick tock

I am the spark in my mother’s eyes

tick tock

I am the pure soul, absorbing

tick tock

I am the hero, riding into the sunset, enemy’s head on my pike

tick tock

I am you… for the moment, when you read my words

tick tock

I am the teacher, bringing light to your eyes

tick tock

I am the center of myself

tick tock

I am the wounded, crawling at your feet

tick tock

I am the fading, struggling to leave an imprint

tick tock

I am my shadow

tick tock
tick tock

I Am.
I am all.


I will be none.


Mary over at dVerse has us writing about time and its impact on our life. This is my attempt. What a wonderful prompt… come and join us at the bar!
photo credits: fotothing.com; crossfiteastbay.com