oh, how i rejoice!
our time now, so near
my vision, so clear…
how i long to hear the sound of your voice.

I am not afraid.
My yearnings, appeased; my hunger, sated;
my thirst, quenched. The last sip of life’s nectar vivid on my tongue, I
bask in the delight it brings and
look back,
no tear hidden in the corner of my eye.

will you know me by heart?
one we have been
your skin under my skin –
we will make our way, soon, we must part.

How much I have seen.
I smile at days past – would I have smiled then? I do
not know… A blur of emotions, experiences; wanting to trade
would be a lie. I am my own sculptor; my actions –
my hammer and chisel.

oh, you will always be mine.
my love is so strong,
in my arms you belong
for a lifetime will our bond shine.

I know I must go. We all must go.
I wait for the when and how, I write these lines, dip my quill
into life’s ink one last time…
Eventually, I will take off my glasses and lay them to rest – next to my now
empty glass, that once contained
the sweetest and most precious nectar of all.

how long, until we meet?
your movement i feel
my daughter, so real
i look forward to you, ma petite.

… inspired by dVerse‘s wonderful prose/poetry prompt. thanks Anna!

The Unknown

it is a bitch –
to pry open the firm grip
fingers, struggling

and then

the fall
feared for so long

strangely pleasant,
all you hear
is the wind
screaming in your ears –
all you feel
is the wind
soothing your burning skin


feet hit solid ground,
hard but painless
and you stand firm, upright
for the first time in ages.


old dreams discarded,
with layers of dust.
rest in peace, old friends…
i am sorry we never danced.

and the heart
entombed and neglected,
just out of sight –
stirs in mending flesh
to flourish and breathe…
to wake the sense of self
and start
a new journey.


wake up!
and suddenly
the life-long struggle
seems so pointless
so clear
so easy to avoid.
wake up!
and see
what you always knew,
but never understood.
one tiny puzzle piece
is all it takes
and you can open your eyes.

wake up!
are you still sleeping?