Hide & Seek

for better or worse you sound
like glass, crunching
beneath the strained heels of Atlas.
I didn’t witness you wrap around yourself
in intricate layers,
but I can still see the faint ember glow
beneath the smoke-stained stories
you forged, unmistakably.



4ever we see(k)
e(igh)ternity’s head stand
& ONE tied
to the 5-pointed star;


earth                      fire

 air            ether

is that really
all there is?

if 1and6 is me, i need another one of these ~
for 2getherwemake3,
but that’s a different story.

“What do you say, Valenzetti?
Are we Lost,
hitchhiking the Galaxy?”

… but the answer is always

… a rather cryptic one for Laurie Kolp’s prompt about numbers over at dVerse.
Hope you enjoy nonetheless!
What’s your number? Come and join us at the bar!
photo credits: images3.wikia.nocookie.net


knees scraped & bent
i cower
before “Thee” –
coins weigh my palms
for the sake of my soul;
submission equals holiness,
the Self is devil’s tool

& belief
gets trampled underfoot.

inspired by a piece i wrote earlier today – guess i’m not done with the subject yet.
(find it here if interested: Pay your religious fee… today!).

The Riders of Fate

thundering hooves
on the battlefield
announced their presence

the warriors
fighting with
raw steel and willpower
roared at the sky
in the face
of the enemy
for they knew
the Valkyries
would lead
the most fearless,
the most honorable
to the halls
of Valhalla.

they had nothing to lose
and watched
the fierce and beautiful
harbingers of death
draw closer

and in the heat of battle
they did
what they
had come for.

Assembling Belief

trust in
what you see
what you feel
what you can experience
with your own mind.
do not
let them
lecture you,
for everything
is already
too “have to”
too “must”
in this world.
in yourself,
in what you
deem right
and you will see
despite minor detours,
you will be
on the right track.