there is not one bulbous word
as we slim and trim
to catch the essence
& though it makes us
writ(h)e and bleed,
we sculpt —
time and again, craving
the perfect fit.

I Better Not Sing It…

flutter in my head,
like silk ribbons on a breeze ~
and the child in me
smiles — squints;
while the big hand sneaks up on 12




& the doors swing open.

i pop
a peanut into my mouth,
at the bartender and
quickly unwrap
utterly gracious

time to fiddle
with my new toy ~ i
solve a puzzle, take
the Etch A Sketch or
challenge my mind
at Scrabble

(… maybe lose
the one or other hair
in the process)

& then
kick back at the bar ~
to dive
into words
that sing to me…
from far, far away.

… A bit silly, maybe ~ but oh, well… like you never feel silly singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top of your lungs. Heh.

Happy 100th, dVerse Poets Pub… I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of this amazing group.



Isn’t it marvelous, when a perfectly ordinary day turns out to be most surprising?

My friend Jenn and me decided to take a leap. We have been working together on several ‘poetry projects’ in the past and thought it would be a great time to take it one step further.
So, I humbly present our joint blog

Words…From Here To There.

Care to join us for the ride?


… the brilliance of my fellow bloggers Vincenzo Francesco and YourOtherMotherHere tempted me to try something new – and I am just too intrigued to let it slide.
I decided to create a new Category called ‘Storylines’. Based on the poem Escapade, I will let the original story unravel in different directions – it sounds like an interesting thing to do.
Maybe some of you will be as intrigued as I am to do this – I encourage you to join in the fun, take the original poem and let your mind wander. All of my follow-up poems to ‘Escapade’ will be found in the new category ‘Storylines’ – if you care to join me on this journey, feel free.

Thank you so much for the inspiration, guys! I am looking forward to discovering where this will lead…

Dear Heartfelt Letters,

it’s been a couple of months now since I started blogging and you’ve been my faithful companions for a good, long while.
I’ve begun to realize that this blog is turning into a full-out Poetry Blog (duh, stating the obvious) – and since you look a little lost (and might feel threatened by all these weird, sometimes big word constructions over here), I decided to give you a new home.
From now on, you will make your appearances in a poetry-free realm… and you can finally stop wrinkling your noses.
I am sure you will like it there – I think I created a nice environment for you to live in.
I am thankful for your company and hope you won’t smack me for moving you. After all, it’s a lot better than the obligatory shoe box, don’t you think?

The Landlady

P.S: Keys are under the doormat.

A Glimpse into ‘A Wonderful Life’

I am truly grateful for the many beautiful minds out there.

Today, I am thinking of one person in particular.
It is morning and I am still on vacation. I have a steaming cup of coffee sitting next to me, accompanied by a lit candle to chase away the morning gloom (the day doesn’t seem to want to wake up neither).

Whenever I have a bit of time on my hands, I read through the wonderful blogs I follow – and today, Desertrose7 moved me to tears.
Her writing is so funny, so honest, so straight forward, so touching… I am truly happy I found her. (Thanks, Adam… your fault! ;))
Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, lean back and read her post “A Wonderful Life” – I am sure you will treasure her words as much as I do.

Needless to say that she made it to my Brilliant Blogs section.
What a Gem.
Thank you for your wonderful words, Desertrose!

Simply Not There

like the flailing stranger
in the corner of the eye
irritating; never in plain view,
no matter which way the lumpy head turns;
strain your eyeballs in their sockets,
rolling, rOlLiNg…
about to unplug,
the mind;
a liquid, misty sensation
sloshing in the antechamber of your skull;
freezing solid,
clinging to the ceiling
at last.

my words
are simply not there.



through the corridors of judgement ~

which mark will it be today?

blow on the ink,
let it dry.

tame the wildness of thought;
the delicate mosaic.
judge again.
finishing touches.

turn away,
to resist tearing at the seams
of this fragile construct
called poem.
forever flawed
from a writer’s perspective.
photo credits: visionwidget.com

Speechless… yet again.

I would love to take a moment and share with you…
the wonderful work of
Fredrik Kayser (it is overdue that he made it to my ‘Brilliant Blogs’ Section).

I am totally in love with his Picture Fairy Tale: 100 Words Chapters – by now, he’s managed to write twelve of them… and every single one left me with goosebumps. You can find Part One here… but I’m warning you, it’s addictive.

Such a brilliant mind… check out his wonderful work!
Thanks for sharing your amazing story, Fredrik!