Body Language

leads the way
and feet follow
while the palm
faces outward, protectively,
the heart is silent
and the mind
about making the right choices.

trying something new today… enjoy.


when the mind
stops racing
and your heart
with delight

when the thoughts
stop raging
and your feet
stand still

you might experience
– for just a moment –
what it feels like
to be


strong, slender fingers
the silhouette of her hip bone
his hand
hidden in her soft, long hair
the whisper of his lips
against her neck
her cheek
her breasts
makes her shiver
bite her lip
sigh with pleasure
her nails
dig lightly into his skin
her body
as she whispers
her needs
into his ear…
they get lost
in the pleasure of being united.
skin on skin
and the world fades
into nothingness.

Dear Cold Feet (Part II),

it seems a miracle has happened. the sun must have finally opened her mailbox and found my letter inside, for she is showing her face today.
i couldn’t believe it either.
i will now release you from your wooly prison and let you bathe in the warmth and light for a bit. i keep my promises.

let’s hope this lasts.

the resident from above

Dear Cold Feet,

i really do understand why you’re doing this.
i know the expression ‘cold feet’ is usually used to describe an uneasy feeling, but right now you’re just cold… and i don’t feel uneasy.
so sorry to have to put you through this, i know this time of year you don’t expect to be covered in thick socks and maybe you’re a little mad at me for breaking the rules, but i can’t help it, it’s not my fault. i already wrote a letter to the sun, asking her what was wrong, but so far… no reply.
so as long as she doesn’t react, you’ll have to endure me covering you up… and i promise as soon as the sun peeks through the clouds, i’ll release you. you have my word.

i wish you would find it in you to just warm up and stop giving me the cold glare. please consider it.
nothing i can do… we’re in this together.

the resident from above