in a river of tears
he found her,
kissed the salt
from her cheeks
and gave
her mermaid’s tail
to the
sorrowful sea

she learned to walk
on newfound legs;
strong hands guiding
her every step at day,
her every moan at night ~

and when darkness
to smoldering heat,
he traced her ear
with velvet tongue
and whispered softly,

“Our story
shall not be tamed;
entombed in a book
to be forgotten –
it shall be written
among the stars
to enchant the moon
and a day.”

RamblingsFromAMum of the “Three Nuts and a Squirrel Crew” extended the challenge to write a sensual or romantic poem including the words book, salt and river. For some reason, a tough “nut” to crack for me this time – sheesh – and sorry, guys… not much smut in this one! 😉 Hope you won’t mind too much – good ol’ romance will have to do…


you seem
at my challenge to love you.
did you not see
the hunger
born from lingering kiss?

i vow to
encrusted inhibitions,
the longing, bound in chains;
pry open
the safe, that holds your
weary soul
and bury you
in the depths of me.

let me touch fire
to your skin ~
too long
have you ventured

JohnnyCrabcakes extended a challenge to write a sensual or romantic poem including the words truck, safe (object) and crust. Such fun to play – I am so happy I got invited to the party.


(written by YourOtherMotherHere in response to the poem Escapade)

blood-red pumps

tilt crookedly next to

blood-red drapes

where a pizza box of

blood-red checks

lies tossed on the floor by

blood-red hands

still twitching watched by

blood-red eyes

that gleam above

blood-red lips

smiling in anticipation of

blood-red leftovers.

I was thinking a vampire orders a pizza delivery the night before and almost drains the delivery guy who is so busy staring at her red pumps that he doesn’t have time to react. Now it’s almost time for her to go back to her coffin, but before she does, she’s going to have some leftovers.

All this because I like cold pizza for breakfast! (smiles)

love what you have done here – thank you so much for participating!!

Muddled Sensuality

skilled fingers
toilet paper pyramids ~
no resemblance to
egyptian monuments,
but filled with
enthusiasm and
your famous, lopsided smile
that triggers mine

how you
turn my thoughts to mud-dy bliss;
tainted, mud-dled ~
forbidden fruit has
a taste, so rich;

your shoes, old and worn
look great where they are ~
next to my bed
where i
inhale; drown
in your charms’ urgent movements
and embrace
the ecstasy
of your
perfect madness.

Whimsy Mimsy extended a challenge to write a sensual or romantic poem including the words mud, old shoes and toilet paper. Of course I could not resist. Heh.
Thank you, Susan! Such fun…