It’s been a While…

on grandma’s lap,
caramel goodness
prevents jaws from functioning;
that moth-ball-smell
of her cardigan,
the rough fabric
scratching your cheek ~

what would you give
to be
that kid again;
the one who
looks at the world
with eyes, so big
and full of wonder?

a glimpse
triggers a smile…
and loving gestures
live on forever.


A Simpler World

stick-figures crowd the scribbled green,
holding (7-fingered) hands,
while the papery sun
shines down
on a papery, multicolored world.

crayoned still life;
gigantic smiles
on undersized faces
(lacking noses)
sweet, yet brutal honesty ~

the purity
of an untainted mind.

The Toss

arms wrap and lift
the small, fidgeting body
out of clear blue water,
up high into the air

swimsuit checkered pink and green
big goggles dominate
a small, laughing face –
ears stick out at an odd angle,
tamed by goggles’ rubber band;
wet hair in disarray

joyous squeal pierces ears
and draws a smirk;
the girl, panting with anticipation
to the father’s loving smile

a toss
a fountain –
and goggles resurface,
coughing, laughing ~
awaiting another round.

… following dVerse‘s wonderful prompt once again

Looking for my Marbles

can you still hear
the soft clanking noise
that takes you back
to your childhood?
how can i
ever forget
how much
i loved these
as a child.
i wonder
if i still
have them all –
i am sure
i lost a couple
over the years
and they got
with imposters.
i wish
i could
get them all back
for back then,
the world

photo credits:

Teddy Bear

how many nights
you kept
the monsters
at bay
with your fluffy paws
when i was
still little
and too scared to sleep

how many days
you spent
being dragged around
by an ear
or an arm
or carried in a heartfelt

loved fiercely,
washed scarcely,
for fear you could drown
in the washing machine

you gave me comfort,
i gave you a soul.

i will never forget
my first
true friend.