i guess this day could have been worse.
true, i wanted to clean a little more… what does it matter.
managed to finish my first two stories… the dust can wait.

i don’t know why exactly, but i felt the urge to do something new… something more… and i was sure it would not go along with this blog.
i was right. now that i see them finished on virtual paper, i know why. they look much nicer over there. it just… fits.

i am happy i found something completely different to work on… to think about – right now, where distractions are still so necessary.
most of all, i enjoyed writing my first two ‘babies’. i always wanted to be a storyteller… now, i am. sort of.


now it’s too dark to swing the mop. heh. such a shame…

Suds for my Thoughts

sometimes i wish
i could
put my thoughts
into the washer
add some detergent
and watch them swirl.

a tumble in the dryer
and then

out, into the wind
watch them struggle and waft
on the drying rack.

when they’re tired and dry,
take them
fold them
and put them back

neatly aligned,
and unstained.

photo credits: stacybephotography.tumblr.com

Dear Window,

i often wonder how you manage to get so dirty.

i never see you play in the mud – all you do is just sit there… and wait.
i can understand your outsides getting dirty – after all rain isn’t always crystal-clear and there is the one or other nasty bird who doesn’t know how to behave… but get dirty on the insides? it’s a miracle to me.

i will give you and your family a sponge bath today and rub you dry after… but i would ask of you and your relatives to take better care of yourselves – i am short and always have to use my stepladder… it’s really an effort.
come to think of it, maybe you enjoy the sight of that… i will have to reconsider.

think about what i said… please. or at least let me in on your secret.

the one looking out