It’s been a While…

on grandma’s lap,
caramel goodness
prevents jaws from functioning;
that moth-ball-smell
of her cardigan,
the rough fabric
scratching your cheek ~

what would you give
to be
that kid again;
the one who
looks at the world
with eyes, so big
and full of wonder?

a glimpse
triggers a smile…
and loving gestures
live on forever.


lost in the dark
the wanderer stumbles,
scrapes his knees –
feeling his way
through solitude’s poisonous thorns.

despair attempts to crush his heart
in its paralyzing grasp
and his tear-stained voice
through the emptiness.

the hidden form
of the silent moon
takes pity,
bathes the wanderer
in gentle light
and guides him, slowly
back to safer paths.

May we just… be?

come sit with me
for a while ~
join me
on my tree swing
and listen
to the song of dusk.

come sit with me
for a while ~
watch sky’s colors change,
slowly going dark.

come sit with me
for a while ~
and soothe my thoughts
with your mellow tongue
that i may
find peace and comfort
beneath the stars.

come sit with me
for a while ~
until the night settles in,
my head hits your shoulder –
and i sleep
a dreamless sleep
cradled and safe
beneath the old willow –
with you by my side.