A Tear in the Fabric

i wish i was a heroine;
companions at my back,

a wizard and a warrior
to help me stay on track.

huge monsters i would slay, no doubt
would fight with sword and shield,

and never falter, never fail,
would never think to yield.

i wish i lived a fairy tale
with dragons in the air,

… but unfortunately, i am just me.
and too much fantasy is frowned upon.
so i will take my vitamins,
my apple a day,
move with the herd,
stay in line
and duck out of sight – behind an office desk.

… or will i?!


I don’t like to reblog things other people wrote.
However, I will make (kind of) an exception today.

Someone created something beautiful.
Something very beautiful… and it would be a shame if I didn’t share this.

Adam S. wrote an enticing, powerful story… raw emotion, brilliantly written. Go and devour it… Part 1 to 4.
I did.

The Conductor of an Aggressive Symphony

I hope it will leave you as speechless and amazingly overwhelmed as it left me.
Enjoy… You’re in for a treat!
Such a beautiful, beautiful piece.


the smoke clears
to reveal
shuttered hearts and broken minds
long forgotten, floating
in the mists beyond obedience.
how belief’s rope
will tow them ~
i do not know,
but i surely
will keep tying the strings
and wait… to be
an anchor.

“Dear” Nightmare,

you were never invited.
how dare you enter here? have you ever heard of trespassing?!?!

we encountered last night… and although i tried really hard to shake you off, you clung to me all day. don’t you have anywhere else to be?!
you’re annoying as hell.

consider this your first and last warning.
if you ever show your ugly face again, i will not be as nice as i am now.
i will get the broom.
and shove the handle up your *beep*.

stay away. i will not say it again.

“best wishes”,
the annoyed


ashes’ memories…
several years worth of letters
still stain my fingers –
when i look, i see.

i will miss them, i know…
they used to be
my greatest treasure.
i will miss them…
but better to miss
than get lost
and drown
in twisted fairy tales ~
without a hint of truth.

Color Splash

daydreams reveal
what the real world cannot offer.
once again
i smile,
indulge myself
in mind’s vivid painting’s tempting offer
while gray people
with gray faces
pass by on silent feet.

photo credits: myspace.com


old dreams discarded,
with layers of dust.
rest in peace, old friends…
i am sorry we never danced.

and the heart
entombed and neglected,
just out of sight –
stirs in mending flesh
to flourish and breathe…
to wake the sense of self
and start
a new journey.

Wishes in Blue

take me away
to distant shores
where waves crash
and the flood
takes my thoughts
to mingle with ocean’s dark blue

take me away
to peaceful beaches
where imprints in the sand
will be washed away –
and not stain my heart forever

take me away
to sweet solitude
where i absorb
the soft sea breeze,
become one
with the moon
and bury my body
in countless grains
to preserve
my innocent childishness

take me away
and i
will forever be grateful
for a moment
of peace.

photo credits: ambersmithblog.blogspot.com


into a puddle
can be fun.
the water
splashing up your legs,
running into your shoes…
if it’s a good puddle,
you don’t mind
wet feet.

you will jump
into a puddle
you will not like.
it looks like the perfect one
from afar
but underneath
it’s all muddy and dirty.
your shoes
get stuck
and it takes
a huge effort
get back out.

sometimes i wish there were more fun puddles around…
i really do not like
washing muddy socks.

photo credits: esocialmedia.co.uk