No More

rain clouds move away
duty – passed on
from one to the other.
the eerie silence
settles in,
lays a treacherous peace
upon the exhausted mind.
left with curiosity
for the days
to come,
events to shape,
roads to travel.

no more, i say…
no more.

Beauty and the Beast – Roles Reversed

she took advantage
of his helping hands
and nourished
the selfishness
the madness
inside her

he stayed,
longer than he should have
and so often
took the fall
for her aggressiveness.

bound by duty
and the image of hope
he flogged himself
day and night
to please her.

it never mattered.

in the end
he took a tumble
and limped away
battered and broken
while she kept
her selfish ways
looking for
another victim.