In Your Presence


i did not know
my heart bruised like a peach
until you pressed your thumb
its juicy center

these threatening tears
are none of mine;
your murky essence
squeezed from my insides,
from my lacrimal duct

and i wipe you
from my eye,
for your presence is
noxious distraction.

Written for VisDare27:Bruised – 150 words or less. Thank you for the inspiration, Angela… another beautiful picture. Grab a pen and join the fun!
photo credits:

Destination: Darkness

modern life’s foundation
consists of
pills and drugs…
whatever happened
that people
crave to be
so numb;
so deaf, dumb and blind?

why dull your senses
when you still
possess the ability
to experience beauty
in an already darkening world?!

fight the pain
and be rewarded.