To Make Peace

anger left,
too sudden for a parting gift.
his scent will not
not anymore.

gratitude will stay;
the hot-blooded companion
made the sting of wounds
less painful.

i owe you…
i owe you…
my sanity.

i will never forget
how your power
fueled my will
to survive.

now, i may float
and enjoy the peace
of shallower, safer waters.

because of you, my companion…
of you.


the leader’s frown
leech-shaped tongue, frozen
to enemy’s chest;
the once so keen hand
now wrapped in linen,
last command
in branded throat.

I Am… In Time.

I Am.

tick tock
tick tock

I am the spark in my mother’s eyes

tick tock

I am the pure soul, absorbing

tick tock

I am the hero, riding into the sunset, enemy’s head on my pike

tick tock

I am you… for the moment, when you read my words

tick tock

I am the teacher, bringing light to your eyes

tick tock

I am the center of myself

tick tock

I am the wounded, crawling at your feet

tick tock

I am the fading, struggling to leave an imprint

tick tock

I am my shadow

tick tock
tick tock

I Am.
I am all.


I will be none.


Mary over at dVerse has us writing about time and its impact on our life. This is my attempt. What a wonderful prompt… come and join us at the bar!
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the shadow you became
startles me;
unbidden visitor,
your face
in a sound, a word
your silhouette
once carved
into my heart;
a blackened, oozing memory
burnt and blistered
by laser’s artificial sting

time –
my friend, my enemy
two-faced pioneer
cruel and helpful both –
i stare,
am certain
the hourglass gets free refills;
how long
until your face
nears indifference
and my heart’s scab
turns solid and dry?

all wounds
need time to heal;
time equals agony.

Dear Modem,

we had to part today.

yes, the rumors are true; i replaced you with someone younger. please don’t call me a slut, you know it isn’t like that.
we had some very good years and i am thankful we met. i still remember the day i found you at my doorstep – what a wonderful surprise.
you know as well as me, that it was your time to go. i hope you can see the truth in my words… maybe you’ll even enjoy your retirement!
i may not keep a picture of you in my wallet, but please be assured that i will always remember the good times we had.
farewell, my friend. you will not be forgotten.

the surfer, caller and watcher


oh, how i rejoice!
our time now, so near
my vision, so clear…
how i long to hear the sound of your voice.

I am not afraid.
My yearnings, appeased; my hunger, sated;
my thirst, quenched. The last sip of life’s nectar vivid on my tongue, I
bask in the delight it brings and
look back,
no tear hidden in the corner of my eye.

will you know me by heart?
one we have been
your skin under my skin –
we will make our way, soon, we must part.

How much I have seen.
I smile at days past – would I have smiled then? I do
not know… A blur of emotions, experiences; wanting to trade
would be a lie. I am my own sculptor; my actions –
my hammer and chisel.

oh, you will always be mine.
my love is so strong,
in my arms you belong
for a lifetime will our bond shine.

I know I must go. We all must go.
I wait for the when and how, I write these lines, dip my quill
into life’s ink one last time…
Eventually, I will take off my glasses and lay them to rest – next to my now
empty glass, that once contained
the sweetest and most precious nectar of all.

how long, until we meet?
your movement i feel
my daughter, so real
i look forward to you, ma petite.

… inspired by dVerse‘s wonderful prose/poetry prompt. thanks Anna!


ashes’ memories…
several years worth of letters
still stain my fingers –
when i look, i see.

i will miss them, i know…
they used to be
my greatest treasure.
i will miss them…
but better to miss
than get lost
and drown
in twisted fairy tales ~
without a hint of truth.


the ground screams crimson –
a battle’s aftermath,
fought with teeth and nails

remnants in ashes,
merciful wind takes over –
and i am
relieved of duty.

the wolf howls
one last time –
no longer
will the cries be heard…
for i am deaf
to these calls.


that’s me.
right now.

i’ve never felt so much rage in my life.
i am a very calm person by nature – but i guess someone finally found my switch. i never expected to be able to feel like this… to be this furious… but enough lies and betrayal woke the storm.

somehow i like the anger… it’s so Powerful – but i have to admit i do not like the hurt that comes with it.
i’m torn… between tears and rage – and i fight real hard not to let the tears get through. the liar doesn’t deserve it. not one more tear wasted.

and so i will embrace the power of the storm… and hope that memories fade quickly.

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