Loki’s Punishment

Baldr’s death for all to see
faithful Sigyn hears his plea
Loki has yet to break free

“The serpent drips venom from above him that Sigyn collects into a bowl; however, she must empty the bowl when it is full, and the venom that drips in the meantime causes Loki to writhe in pain, thereby causing earthquakes.”
(taken from Wikipedia)

photo credits: kabroder.tumblr.com


looking for happiness in a horseshoe ~
true, so easy not to move
surely, your life will improve.

(written in the form of an Englyn penfyr, an ancient form of Celtic Poetry I recently got introduced to and instantly fell in love with. Thank you, Sue Judd! This is so much fun, try it!)

Ocean’s Legacy

the goddess, she saw him drown
out in the water facedown
on her brow immortal frown
her heart in her chest shifted
she touched his form and lifted
made him one of the gifted
first breath in his lungs, so pure
he thanked her for gentle cure
her kind, divine eyes azure

…over at dVerse Susan Judd has us experimenting with an ancient form of Celtic Poetry, the Englyn. This is my attempt, a combination of three Englynion milwr… I’m in a tale-telling mood.
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