Walking in the Wild

paint the moments blue and green
and give it all a silver sheen ~

memories are solemn friends,
to those who think it never ends.

the faith of fallen’s sturdy mind
is (almost always) undefined ~

but leads to one more step ahead,
for those who walk, won’t be mislead.

The Depths of Me

the depths of me
a labyrinth
twisted ways, dark corners
treasures hidden;
but i forgot to mark the spot

the depths of me
a mystery
to myself
to others;
i am
Indiana Jones
searching for the Holy Grail,
holding the map
upside down

the depths of me
a ball of heat
the core afire,
faith’s torch lighting
the darkest, blankest corridors
on the coldest days

the depths of me
a (sur)real world
where monsters and fairies live;
where i
ride the grand mare
in shining armor
or cower
old willow’s roots

the depths of me.
my journey,
my struggle,
my quest.