in those merciless hours
when truth and faith collide,
it is not the easiest task
to be Peter Pan.



at twilight you find me, searching
for the rosy glow of a long forgotten star
that soothes the eye of the beholder
and leaves me with delightful costumes
to unfold.

Technicalities, Submerged.

sitting through this blatant lecture
of how and when and why
i doodle seahorses &
flip my mermaid’s tail – in time
to inward seaweed smiles.

at 8:34am i pray
(through glyphs and flowing ink),
that my hand will always be small enough
to fit into
reality’s gaps.

A Tear in the Fabric

i wish i was a heroine;
companions at my back,

a wizard and a warrior
to help me stay on track.

huge monsters i would slay, no doubt
would fight with sword and shield,

and never falter, never fail,
would never think to yield.

i wish i lived a fairy tale
with dragons in the air,

… but unfortunately, i am just me.
and too much fantasy is frowned upon.
so i will take my vitamins,
my apple a day,
move with the herd,
stay in line
and duck out of sight – behind an office desk.

… or will i?!


in the depths of the forest
a pure beauty dwelled
summoning wandering souls

so many a man
went and followed her call
sweet whipsers, taking their tolls

as they basked in her grace
and got lost in her touch
her embrace, so sweet and so warm

they never quite sensed
the strangling vines, encircling,
entangling their form

and so they stood tall
for many a day
their hearts locked firm on her gaze

till their eyes closed at last
souls left mortal form
dreaming of her sweet embrace

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