– Miyelo 6, Viggo Mortensen

Tokša wanweglakin kte
Tokša wanweglakin kte
Nihun k’un he heye lo
Nihun k’un he heye lo

Later I shall see my own
Later I shall see my own
Your mother said it so
Your mother said it so

(Oglala Lakota Chant)


heartfire roots
grow beneath a crust of modern life
and struggle
not to be forgotten

what we don’t see
isn’t there
isn’t     there
i    s            n    o       t              t       h        e             r                  e
& we firmly grip the leash
on our minds’ journeys.

what we don’t see
isn’t there.
Isn’t there.

a blink,

is it there?

Claudia over at dVerse invites us to write about Fata Morganas and summer heat illusions for Poetics today. Grab a pen and join us at the bar!
photo credits: Viggo Mortensen

Twisted Meat Medley

fateful hour
broken hands on broken clock;
skeleton crawls, languidly
back into mother’s womb –
the butcher draws near
on rubber-booted feet,
and when he raises his brow
in unison with his knife,
it is time
for remorseful chickens
to dance
the last dance.

What If…

what if
i forget?

my mind’s stronghold
no longer my own;
in time’s desert
where the last viscid thought clings
to dry river’s bed

what if
i forget?

the touch of loved ones;
no longer gentle to me
but omnious and fearsome,
strangers –
invading my life,
my privacy

what if
i forget?

my name
my thoughts
my words
and i stumble;
the face of dawn
no longer uplifting friend –
for i know
i will have to endure
another alien day
in an alien world

will i still
be a person
if i no longer exist
in my own mind?
what if…
i forget?

… Stuart over at dVerse has us writing about phobia/fear… come over and join a bunch of scared people at the bar! I definitely need a beer now…
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Writing in Wild Waters

of drowing
in an angry sea

a word!
one word
a beacon –
hold it tight

and another
slowly knot
a string of words

gather strings
to make
a rope

longer still

the rope of words
an escape route ~
back to sanity…

to safer shores.

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If we only remembered!

if this sentence was imprinted on the inside of our eyelids in neon letters, maybe we’d finally be able to calm ourselves in times of fear.
i wish it could be done, there is nothing worse than being so scared that you’re not able to think straight. i wish i could remember… whenever i enter that place.

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