The Fray

sympathy speared, crude pike
springs from the hearts of men on branded days
apathy-garnished spike
screams Red, before the strike

lives mourned by hollow wail
souls, torn from flesh, escape on raven’s wings
shed hope turns cold, turns pale
and staggers, doomed to fail

in depths of blood and bile
the heart of One stands true, stands brave and proud
bound in a life, so vile
bound for life, with bitter smile

“Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know 
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day.”
The last four lines were taken from the movie ‘The Grey‘ – thank you, Tracy, for reminding me – these words have been on my mind ever since I read them on your blog again.

Waiting for the Storm

can you feel it in the air?
the delicious tension
making the hairs on your arms
stand up
the eerie and yet enticing
fateful colors
in the sky

can you smell the rains yet?
long before they arrive?
driven to stimulate your senses
by teasing winds
slowly increasing
in intensity

you are awed

for you know
no matter the outcome
it will be
one hell of a show.