Lunchtime (Gollum vs. Sting)

played tag
(yes, we like to play!)
in fields of gold

& i lost my mind
(up up up the stairs…)
to you

had my heart for lunch
(is it juicy? is it scrumptious?)
with a pinch of lemon;
licked the plate clean &
left me to do the dishes

so i wallowed
in soap water tears
(not fair! not fair!)
for a while

come dusk,
you can tell the sun
in (t)his jealous sky
(leave now… and never come BACK!)
to kiss my ass.

… a somewhat strange creation – Sting(no, not the sword – the other Sting)’s tune (that I couldn’t shake today) meets my favorite Lord of the Rings character for lunch. Written for Karin Gustafson’s prompt about twins/opposites/divided selves over at dVerse.
Grab your poem and join the fun!


Tummy Turmoil

spaghetti madness
leads to
bursting belly
(or so very close)

i could not
let you sit
in the pot ~
i want you
to fulfill
your destiny
after all.

who says
i don’t care about others?
yum and ouch.

Skeleton’s Monarchy

fleshy curves
are yesterday’s fashion.
rattling bones,
stick figures –
parade in the spotlight.
size 0
and below –
the crucial point;
if you can’t juggle,
work those numbers,
you don’t count at all.

when did starvation
become healthy living?
the face of beauty
clings to inflexible bones…
counting calories
to unconsciousness –
and beauty drowns
in an ill-fated clutter
of diet products.

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Dear Melted Cheese,

i have to resist the urge to squeal with joy every time we meet.

you’re so delicious, i wish i could eat a ton of you and not get nauseous.
i like you best a little burnt – sometimes i provoke this particular consistency just by putting a slice of you in the microwave.
the outcome… a feast for my senses. mmmh.

you are awesome.
stay as you are… and be sure, you will have a devoted fan – as long as my cholesterol allows it.

thank you,
an admirer

Dear Frozen Chicken,

i have been looking at you, sitting on my counter, for some time now.

i briefly considered defrosting you in the microwave, but for some reason, this always ends up in disaster. no matter how hard i try, i never seem to be able to get it right… when the cheerful bing finally sounds, the stuff i put in there is always cooked on the outside and still icy on the inside. ugh.

i am writing this letter to cheer you on.
my stomach is growling and it’s starting to get real angry with me. i know, you’re probably trying to make me suffer for wanting to eat you, but i promise your new home will be warm and cozy – at least for a while. when it’s time to let you go again, i will be reluctant – i know you will be delicious… and, honestly, who wants to voluntarily give up something that good?!

so would you please hurry up a bit? you’re my breakfast and i’m too lazy (and now too determined) to make toast.

thanks in advance,
the famished

All for the Fries

and rain again
a steady downpour,
no umbrella,
stomach growling ~
not far now…

the safe haven,
distributor of The Best,
french fries, edible gold
so close.
my middle celebrates;
already tasting
sweet release…


through the tall windows, brightly lit, i see
tiles, polished to high sheen
village’s drunkard
in his usual spot,
head low, caressing
a bottle of beer;
the smell of fried goods
tickles, tortures my nose.

door opened by longing hand
to bells, jingling;
heaven’s sound
to my near-starving, soppy self ~
greeted by the snack bar’s owner,
i take my first step
to salvation

no warning for me,
my feet leave treacherous ground,
rear hits the tiles, hard ~
adventurous sneaker
to make contact
with my heart’s desire ~
the deep fryer.

the owner, baffled,
stares at the frying shoe
while i sit in pain, ears turning crimson ~
and the drunkard
honors me with a mumbled
” be more careful next time, girl”,
before he turns to
more pressing,
gulping matters.

i shared this because of dVerse‘s tempting call for the Unexpected…
ahem… “unfortunately”, a true story.

Pizza resides in my Drawer

hot from the oven,
devoured, except
for one slice

“save it for later”,
i thought to myself
and opened the drawer
to clothe it
in a nice coat
of aluminum foil.

the pizza,
feeling adventurous,
escaped from my left,
while the foil
– the pizza’s accomplice –
smirked innocently
in my right.
corn strewn everywhere
tomato sauce
on the silverware
and the slice
sitting happily
on top.

Dear Garlic,

they say you stink to high heaven.
they say if we encounter, i will be shunned and people will turn from me in disgust.

let them see how much i care.

you’ve been my friend for many years now and i am thankful we got to know each other. true, we mostly meet up on the weekends, but i can’t help to sneak a taste on weekdays once in a while.
from sweet to acrid, you have it all – you have so many different faces and facets, they almost make you human.
i don’t care what they say, i won’t give up on our friendship… you and my taste buds are best buds (boom tish!) – how could you not be.
so if anyone makes you cry or feel uneasy, just know, you can always come to me.

your true friend

Dear Gravy,

i am so happy we met… and utterly amazed by what you manage to do with my senses. every time.
whether you’re light or dark, i don’t care, i love you all the same. secretly, i have to admit, i lick you off my plate (when i’m alone of course), more often than not, savouring every last drop. i always restrain myself in public, because i don’t want to embarrass your makers, although it’s very hard sometimes.
you’re so very delicious.

i would be happy if we got many more years together… you always make my day when you give me the honor of touching my tongue.

i am totally in love with you.

your adorer

Magnum Madness

i just happened to see one of these Magnum (ice cream) commercials…

to keep it short:
i am so damn happy the chocolate doesn’t crack like this when you actually eat it, because seeing it on TV, it makes me shudder and push the mute button. seriously, that sound is disgusting.

am i weird?!

rant over.