What If…

what if
i forget?

my mind’s stronghold
no longer my own;
in time’s desert
where the last viscid thought clings
to dry river’s bed

what if
i forget?

the touch of loved ones;
no longer gentle to me
but omnious and fearsome,
strangers –
invading my life,
my privacy

what if
i forget?

my name
my thoughts
my words
and i stumble;
the face of dawn
no longer uplifting friend –
for i know
i will have to endure
another alien day
in an alien world

will i still
be a person
if i no longer exist
in my own mind?
what if…
i forget?

… Stuart over at dVerse has us writing about phobia/fear… come over and join a bunch of scared people at the bar! I definitely need a beer now…
photo credits: dropletsodillies.blogspot.com


Wishes in Blue

take me away
to distant shores
where waves crash
and the flood
takes my thoughts
to mingle with ocean’s dark blue

take me away
to peaceful beaches
where imprints in the sand
will be washed away –
and not stain my heart forever

take me away
to sweet solitude
where i absorb
the soft sea breeze,
become one
with the moon
and bury my body
in countless grains
to preserve
my innocent childishness

take me away
and i
will forever be grateful
for a moment
of peace.

photo credits: ambersmithblog.blogspot.com