there once was a creature named Clip
which lived on the verge of my lip.
it oft told me to stop
when truth needed to drop ~
today, I just let my tongue slip.


Wild Horses

black-and-wqwhite-cool3do you hear
the call of the wild?

thundering hooves,
manes, airy white;
against the tides

do you hear
the call of the wild?

vigorous waves
driven forth;
forth to join the wild hunt

do you hear
the call of the wild?

will you run with them?

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two minds, one picture… have a look at Rambly’s wonderful poem “Gather Strength“.

Open the Door

seeds, caked
to the bottom of cold, sterile bowls
never to grow – not inside you

and you pace,
contained –
run your raw fingertips
along iron bars,
fumbling for the lock,
the key…

the key?
it is
right there –
always has been.
are you brave enough?
bold enough?
do you see now?

how will you ever
find inspiration
and live, truly
if you do not
step out
of your custom-made cage?

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Embracing the Wild

far and beyond
you went,
a journey
taking your breath
and in the end,
your last as well.
how many wonders
you encountered,
how clean and pure
you could experience life
in the most fulfilling way.
absolute freedom –
not many
can say
they truly experienced it.
and so
i wish you well…
for you are
among the most wise
who ever lived
on this earth.
you opened your eyes
to the beauty
of things.
may you
never regret
you paid with your life
for the majestic things
you witnessed.

(inspired by the book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer)

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