if you are lucky, there is someone – or maybe more – who will leave an imprint on your heart.

you only have to see them once, maybe twice in your life, but you will never forget them.
there are times, when they will pop into your mind, totally unexpected, and just thinking about them will leave this warm feeling in your belly… it will make you smile. it’s the understanding of souls, when two connect, it will be for life (and beyond)… no matter if they’re around you or far away. the cosy feeling remains… and it can be your blanket, if you let it.

i am lucky enough to have an imprint or two… and i treasure them.
i hope you are among the lucky ones as well.

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Words and Beyond

isn’t it incredibly amazing when someone totally gets you?

the last 3 poems i posted are ‘milestones’ that stuck with me throughout the years and i want them here to be able to evolve. sort of my history… and now i can move on. my friend said i was painting a self-portrait on here, and yes, that is exactly what i’m doing. the fact that he actually thought i might be upset (by telling me they all sound pretty much the same) made me smile. that was exactly what i was going for. the ‘state of grey’ i call my past.
like i said before, at the beginning of this year, things changed… a LOT… and i happily remind myself where i came from… from time to time.
looking at these poems makes me smile now, because i know how i felt writing them… and i know how i feel now.
lighter, almost airy. it’s incredible.

i am very lucky to have a friend like this. the fact that he asked about these poems and had the guts to say something most people would have taken the wrong way shows a deep level of trust… something most of us can only wish for. his simple question showed me that i have changed already… and it’s nice to see my reflection in someone else’s eyes… though i still need time to recognize what i see. it’s getting easier, but it’s still surprising. and beautiful.
our relationship has been very interesting so far… lots of highs and lows in a very short time, but no matter how bad it gets, respect always matters – and still remains. how -and especially why- we met still amazes me. part of ‘the great plan’ i assume, i wouldn’t know how to say it otherwise.

all i know is i couldn’t be more thankful for you. i love your incredible weirdness and your ability to show me a totally different, very interesting world. maybe you’re welling up right now, reading this… but i’m not sure you would admit it to me anyways.

thanks, D.
i will borrow your words here and end this, saying: love you to bits!

The One Who Got Away

together we cried.
together we died.
again and again.
we fell apart.
it’s hard to realize
you’re gone.
the seat is still warm,
leftover coffee in your cup.
i can still feel the touch of your hand
on my cheek.
it’s burning.
i can still breathe you.
but then again
i know you’re gone.
just left.

and i am glad.