Snow White and the Salesman

after the Salesman
asked Snow White
if she would care
for a deal on apples,
he went home
with a bloody nose.

Brian’s tending the bar tonight over at dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night. I have no idea whatsoever how this little one came out of me after reading his wonderful story, but it did. Come join us!

Accepting A(aww)wards (yes, i cheated!)

well, i put this off for a long while… and i think it’s finally time to do this. my conscience says so – i better listen.
i will not do the usual survey thing as expected (i know, i’m a cheater!)… i just want to thank the ones who nominated me.

first and foremost, i use this blog (and my other one) to sort through the sometimes organized, sometimes overwhelming chaos in my head. it is a great feeling to let go… and i love it when it’s not so crowded up there.
it is still a little hard to believe that you guys actually like what i have to say – you surprise me… and i am very thankful. (go ahead and picture my red ears! be sure they are glowing right now.)

keep your youth forever gave me this pretty one. thank you very much! check out her blog – a ton of beautiful poetry and prose can be found there.

the mysterious “☮♥☆” from sent me this one. thank you so much, i appreciate your kindness. a brilliant mind and great poet.

last but not least, i will cheat again and post this here while i’m at it.
for my second blog Life and other Tales (no grandma-blanket or rocking chair action will be found there – that’s a promise) Adam S. gave me this great award… i will not post the link to his blog here – he will be mentioned again further down. thanks, man!

i decided not to answer the bunch of questions and requests that come along with these awards (yep, lazy… that’s me) – i wrote this to show the people who were so thoughtful to think of me that i DO care.
i will, however, list the Top 3 of my favorite blogs… great writers, great stuff – i hope you will enjoy their writing as much as i do.

1. Right To Bitch by Adam S.
he slays me.
every. time.
if i could tie him down in his chair to write 24/7, i would! he’s got talent, wits, charm, humor and a sharp tongue… what more can you ask for?! i am addicted – and i admit it.
just a piece of advice: no beverages while you read what he has to say. you will be spraying your keyboard and screen.

2. David’s wonderful blog One Mere Mortal.
to describe his work in one word: brilliant.
his inspiring, thought-provoking poetry has left me speechless countless times. go check it out!

3. Bruce’s blog Brain Jar
… has me wanting more every day. such an amazing writer and poet – hats off to him! i am so happy i found his words… and i am sure, you will love them, too.

this is it for now… there are so many more wonderful and inspiring blogs out there deserving to be mentioned here, but you all know it… the agony of choice. had to pick. argh!

i hope you don’t mind that i cheated a little… i asked myself if i was allowed to and found ‘the lump’ attached to the end of my neck nodding. blame ‘the lump’ for this if you want… heh.

thanks to you all for taking the time to read what i have to say… you are awesome.

Dear Beautiful Minds,

how i treasure you.

you do not only weave a comfortable blanket around me with your words, thoughts and ideas, you keep the fire in me burning.
every day i see you share my admiration for words… you all use them with care; thoughtfully place them in order to fit your intentions.
i love it.
i love how you inspire me, how you make me laugh, well up, startle me, how you make me uneasy. the whole spectrum of emotions… you present it to me on a daily basis – and i am grateful for your offerings.

thank you.

an admirer

p.s.: because i do not want to make this too sentimental, please insert an inappropriate word of your choice here -> (         )… to lighten the mood. heh.

Dear Frozen Chicken,

i have been looking at you, sitting on my counter, for some time now.

i briefly considered defrosting you in the microwave, but for some reason, this always ends up in disaster. no matter how hard i try, i never seem to be able to get it right… when the cheerful bing finally sounds, the stuff i put in there is always cooked on the outside and still icy on the inside. ugh.

i am writing this letter to cheer you on.
my stomach is growling and it’s starting to get real angry with me. i know, you’re probably trying to make me suffer for wanting to eat you, but i promise your new home will be warm and cozy – at least for a while. when it’s time to let you go again, i will be reluctant – i know you will be delicious… and, honestly, who wants to voluntarily give up something that good?!

so would you please hurry up a bit? you’re my breakfast and i’m too lazy (and now too determined) to make toast.

thanks in advance,
the famished

Dear Modem,

we had to part today.

yes, the rumors are true; i replaced you with someone younger. please don’t call me a slut, you know it isn’t like that.
we had some very good years and i am thankful we met. i still remember the day i found you at my doorstep – what a wonderful surprise.
you know as well as me, that it was your time to go. i hope you can see the truth in my words… maybe you’ll even enjoy your retirement!
i may not keep a picture of you in my wallet, but please be assured that i will always remember the good times we had.
farewell, my friend. you will not be forgotten.

the surfer, caller and watcher

(Grandmother) Sun’s Departure

sun’s edge carefully dulled
as if it had lost its twang;
and though she refuses politely,
she gets tangled, caught
in autumn’s dark gray cotton candy,
shooting strings of wetness
upon trees and heads alike.

we all can only hope
that these rich drops
are our dear old friend’s parting tears
as she packs her bags for the season –
and not
incontinence issues.

… a somewhat quirky poem written for dVerse’s Open Link Night – let’s go grab a drink at the bar!

photo credits:

Dear Medical Tape,

oh, i am sure i look ridiculous right now… but honestly, i don’t care.

i am happy you could join me today – and i appreciate your help.
i’ve been stuck with this stupid frown on my face all day, and with your help, i could make it go away.

you’re really strong, i can’t even attempt to form another frown, if i tried, it would not work… good job! my muscles are thankful – though i am sure, my mirror is not.

thank you for providing a slight (and slightly weird) relief for me today. i will keep the excellent results in mind and may fall back on your services in the future.
…who says you can’t turn (well, rather force in this case) a frown upside down?!

thank you,
the girl who kind of looks like Spock right now

The Toss

arms wrap and lift
the small, fidgeting body
out of clear blue water,
up high into the air

swimsuit checkered pink and green
big goggles dominate
a small, laughing face –
ears stick out at an odd angle,
tamed by goggles’ rubber band;
wet hair in disarray

joyous squeal pierces ears
and draws a smirk;
the girl, panting with anticipation
to the father’s loving smile

a toss
a fountain –
and goggles resurface,
coughing, laughing ~
awaiting another round.

… following dVerse‘s wonderful prompt once again

Dear Weight,

today, i forced you off my shoulders.

i have to admit that my stomach got a bit queasy before i took action, but that was to be expected – after such a long time.
i was so used to you… and it did not cross my mind that i was carrying all this extra weight over the past couple of years… and not just my own.
i am happy i finally found out.

i would advise you not to cling to anyone else – it is not a nice move, and – to be honest – you won’t make many friends this way.
maybe you should diet a little to make yourself lighter… oh, and don’t forget to tell your true owner i said ‘hi’.
i am just tired of you making my back hurt – it’s not gonna happen anymore.

so please, stay gone. i never want to see you again. knowing you wasn’t as nice as i thought… you should really work on your people skills.

the former weight lifter

The Fool’s Reward

the fool’s loose-fitting pants
are orange and blue,
his bells jingle brightly along

a face, full of joy
and contagious smiles ~
with these gifts, nothing ever goes wrong.

he dances and jokes
throughout his whole life,
their laughter turns faces bright red

and when make-up comes off
at the end of his days
the queen thanks him and chops off his head.