The Gift of Mor(t)ality

for the longest time I rode
side by side with mor(t)ality
on washed-out, winding roads, searching
for that one shred of humility
that led me back to mySelf

he was a hero of sorts —
with his relaxed posture &
those pearly-white teeth, easily slicing
through even the harshest bits of reality
as if they were nothing

& with just his lopsided smile
he always reminded me what it should feel like
to be human in an inhumane world.



it did not end
in the beginning
when all those little things
were still just little Things
& few noticed
their low-dosed beauty.

now that magnitude
outweighs the gravity of delusion
Little things
are all that matters
in the beginning
of the end
of the beginning.


filtered sunlight caresses
chalk hearts on mag(net)ic pavement
and i salute those rebel kids
for still knowing
how to play

there is a myth, clinging helplessly
to the bare branches of March
officially permitted
to drown in wifi waves –
stamped and notarized

life is in a hurry,
sporting business suits and clenched jaws
(get out of my way! no time, no TIME!!)
and i wonder
if there is a code in these fateful digits –
the true message:

Free Of Bonds

now feel the wild
run, dear child, run ~
you smiled for me.

go on, be free
think of me when
i see no more.

run to the shore
cool your sore legs;
your core alight.

flame burns so bright
silver-white You ~
no fright will harm.
Over at dVersePoets Raivenne has us experimenting with an Asian form of Poetry – the Than Bauk. This is my attempt. Come join us at the bar!

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The Bond of Generations

the elder’s bark
gnarled, mossy, weathered
wraps tight around
treasures within

juicy truth flows
from elder’s brittle lips ~
tales of days long past,
to nourish
dawn’s saplings.

a cherished fortune;
whispered wisdom on wind’s delicate wings ~
selflessly passed
from old to young.

for centuries and beyond
saplings will remember…
the gift they received ~
long after
the elder has been struck,
stripped of bark and leaves

for centuries and beyond
saplings will remember…
now fully grown; oak, maple, birch
and whisper
elder’s lessons
in seeds’ ears…
yet to be sown.

… written for The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge… thanks for the nudge, Adam S.!

Autumn, a Rollercoaster Ride and… Hiking?

i can already smell autumn in the air. love it.

it’s nighttime and i just went outside to take a breath. i love the quiet of night… so relaxing, soothing, comfortable. i could see my breath steam… and had to smile to myself, for my favorite time of the year is coming up.

this year has really been a rollercoaster so far… and i’m wondering what more it has in store. i am sure i’m still in for a couple of surprises, but i hope that i’ll only have to climb hills now… instead of mountains. i think i already wore out my share of good shoes for this year, so the terrain better be not as rocky… i might get blisters. really not a comforting thought trying to climb a mountain wearing flip-flops… if you know what i mean.
guess i’ll have to see.

we only get as much as we can handle, right?
i better check the soles of my flip-flops… just in case.

i am totally aware of jumping topics here… but when does it actually happen that thoughts are aligned neatly?! at least mine never seem to be…