The Gifted Lie

heart’s movement
is easily manipulated,
ensnared by lies in wrapping paper –
spoken with practiced tongue.
the gifted lie,
so colorful to look at,
sits on your mind’s shelf…
untouched, always admired –
and you wonder
about the foul stench’s source…
for you can see nothing
but beauty.

The Maze

the intertwined ways
turn left?
or right?
or straight ahead?
which way to choose?

the fear
of failure
is chokingly overwhelming
for once you choose,
you can never go back

will you die
in the intricate maze –
sit down, give up and perish…
or will you
find heart and mind
strong enough
not to be lured
into a dead end?

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Patchy Heart

would you rather
have a heart

or a heart
frayed at the edges
patched and stitched,
parts missing –
where you gave
pieces of it away…

showing character –
a heart
that has known
true love

the greatest pain
and wisdom.
no matter
how painful,
you will be rich.