9 Dali oil painting - Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's Angelus

in the flapping lives of vulnerability
lies the secret to unwanted treasure.
forges belch mediocrity & shackled minds
hammer Gods to plated earth ~

it is the twisted path of the ancient
we see crumbling at our feet;
and forth we go
to nominate oblivion
as our shepherd.

is that all there is?

artwork: Salvador Dalí’s “Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus”


when the sky
turns milky-white
and our bodies
are nothing but
cancellous shells
with thrashing limbs;
we will be

… and in the books
of history
yet to be written,
we will be known
as those
who were
too presumptuous
to follow
the universe’s
well-intentioned call.

after all these years,
we still
haven’t learned a thing.

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the leader’s frown
leech-shaped tongue, frozen
to enemy’s chest;
the once so keen hand
now wrapped in linen,
last command
in branded throat.

The Whole Story

pages turn
faster than we can imagine…
as we eternize
our lives
with inky footsteps
upon earth’s absorbent surface.

paper cuts
can’t be avoided ~
some pages will get ripped,
torn, by a sharpie too eager
or too furious.

reading between the lines,
as we admire the work of others,
can be misleading,
disturbing sometimes…
catapult us far off track ~
so don’t read too closely.

and as we scribble
and turn,




we rarely pause
to realize
our stories
are more
than simple words.
every step we take
is rooted deeply in our history…
just flip back to
Page 1
and see for yourself.

The Fool’s Reward

the fool’s loose-fitting pants
are orange and blue,
his bells jingle brightly along

a face, full of joy
and contagious smiles ~
with these gifts, nothing ever goes wrong.

he dances and jokes
throughout his whole life,
their laughter turns faces bright red

and when make-up comes off
at the end of his days
the queen thanks him and chops off his head.


spat the self-declared
wise man
as he looked down
upon the weak,
his eyes
filled with scorn.
long, pale fingers
tried to hold on
but he kicked them away,
for centuries.

it is never too late.