The Unforeseen

the cockroach
a strange melody
to haunted ears.
hem of the gown
mud and blood
the filthy carpet.
tick tock
tick tock
tick tock
move the body.
tick tock
tick tock
someone will see…
tick tock
slowly running
out of time.

After the Storm

in the weary calm
after the storm
it is time
to get moving again.
pick up
the pieces,
pick your entrails
off the floor
clean them
and put them back
where they belong.

i think
i will
take a few minutes,
smoke a cigarette
and stare at this mess,
at the intensity,
i get the broom
and declare it
over and done with.



the demon’s eye
malformed bodies
onto the cold stone floor
glazed in black matter,
clawing at
stringy flesh.

the sun went down
and the emptiness took charge,
its minions eager to take hold.

there was nothing left
but the hope
for another
red dawn.

Crime Scene

droplets of blood
littering the floor
like dark red marbles
on faded parquet.

the precise work
the murderer
didn’t go
as planned
and so
he had to
the red flood
to cover up
his tracks.

he took pride in it.

the way
the body was draped,
“it” was draped
across the
black leather couch
made his heart flutter,
adrenaline rush,
his mouth turn dry.

he could not feel
the disgust
everyone else felt
while looking at his work.

for him,
his work
was perfection.

Beauty and the Beast – Roles Reversed

she took advantage
of his helping hands
and nourished
the selfishness
the madness
inside her

he stayed,
longer than he should have
and so often
took the fall
for her aggressiveness.

bound by duty
and the image of hope
he flogged himself
day and night
to please her.

it never mattered.

in the end
he took a tumble
and limped away
battered and broken
while she kept
her selfish ways
looking for
another victim.

Shivers in the Dark

the moon faltered
and dipped its wounded foot
into the ragged surface
of the inky lake
trying to heal
the infection.

while the branches
burst into cold flames
and the starved human
dragged its bony body
along deserted shores
the soulless
cried out
for immortality.


the bone structure crumbles
to the sound of a fly
crawling backwards into the haze.
millions of times
did the nails scratch the walls
looking for a way out.
masks chafed off
raw flesh
smiling in disgust
at the layers below.
ashes swallowed
gulped down with ease
for the throat has learned
to obey.
until you throw up your soul
never to feel again.

(this is actually a pretty disgusting one, but it sprung from my mind, so i wrote it down. apologies if it turns anyone else’s stomach, it did turn mine.)