We Are Human, After All…

translucent beauty lies
in the wildness of the wind
& sweet relief spreads sanity ~
the aftermath
of a long-stifled,

(Yep, a brain fart… needed to be set free. Heh.)


Dear Heartfelt Letters,

it’s been a couple of months now since I started blogging and you’ve been my faithful companions for a good, long while.
I’ve begun to realize that this blog is turning into a full-out Poetry Blog (duh, stating the obvious) – and since you look a little lost (and might feel threatened by all these weird, sometimes big word constructions over here), I decided to give you a new home.
From now on, you will make your appearances in a poetry-free realm… and you can finally stop wrinkling your noses.
I am sure you will like it there – I think I created a nice environment for you to live in.
I am thankful for your company and hope you won’t smack me for moving you. After all, it’s a lot better than the obligatory shoe box, don’t you think?

The Landlady

P.S: Keys are under the doormat.

To Take Flight

winter came.
too soon;
the bird sang ~
and stood,
on the dying lake.

after a lifetime
of guidelines,
it still
hadn’t learned
to follow the rules.

it showed the snow
its cold shoulder,
shook off the stupor;
cast the wind
an icy stare
and took off
to warm its wings


photo credits: flickr.com