When Innocence Averts Her Eyes

when innocence averts her eyes
the ghost of war is on the prowl
it taunts; it shatters loving bones
stench in its wake, rotten and foul

the rivers red and bled to death
when innocence averts her eyes,
when tortured soul claws at the sky
humanity limps, in disguise

to children’s wails and ripping guns
destruction’s horrid fist does rule
when innocence averts her eyes
hope lost – abandoned; fallen fool

we only see when we don’t run
so easy to ignore the cries
turn off the TV, go to sleep…
and innocence averts her eyes.


The Face of War (Salvador Dalí)

Gay over at dVerse Poets Pub has us experimenting with a French form of poetry – the Quatern. Not that easy to build, but I tried… this is what I came up with. Come join us at the bar!

photo credits: google image search

Pity with a “P”

poor, poor person.
please, pour out your soul!
pores dripping
perfectly arranged words
pound out the predicament –
if you would only learn;
from your poorly shaped
personal pestering…

but you persist on
stacking pebbles,
why they keep
blocking your perspective.


through the haze of smoke and tears
dawn erupts, blows vivid sheen ~
poisoned fumes upon the guilty,
windy eyes, that never seen

empty stares of empty vessels,
empty hearts beat empty minds ~
shallow vultures come to listen,
how the bleariness unwinds

seek the virtue, seek the silence,
seek the truth within the deep ~
find the courage, tear the image,
gather tongues and take a leap.

photo credits: flickr.com


when the sky
turns milky-white
and our bodies
are nothing but
cancellous shells
with thrashing limbs;
we will be

… and in the books
of history
yet to be written,
we will be known
as those
who were
too presumptuous
to follow
the universe’s
well-intentioned call.

after all these years,
we still
haven’t learned a thing.

photo credits: kosmos2012.hu-berlin.de

Dear Ignorant Idiots,

rape jokes about a photo of a girl passed out drunk on the ground aren’t fun.
they are sick and macabre.

i hope one day, someone will put a mirror in front of you… to show you how wrong you are to call yourselves ‘human beings’.
but honestly, i doubt you would even see the truth… and end up admiring your haircuts.

i won’t even call you animals, because animals are certainly more evolved than you.
i hope you fall flat on your faces for your ignorance.

a pissed off individual

The Story of High Hopes

make way for the king!
the king of high hopes,
majestic garb
embroidered with
elusive words
and subtle lies.

“how dare you
cross my path,
filthy animal?
did you not hear
the command
to move?”

and while
the humble man
still fumbled for words,
his spirit
got crushed
by high hopes’
heavy undercarriage.


the leader’s frown
leech-shaped tongue, frozen
to enemy’s chest;
the once so keen hand
now wrapped in linen,
last command
in branded throat.

Zodiac Plague

dark and light
two sides, one body.
gemini they call me…
the two-faced turncoat.
false and treacherous.
prejudice, widely spread
among man.

has astrology’s prosecution
ever considered
that those
who control
light and dark;
make them fit
and battle
in one person’s shell;
are the ones
most challenged?!

the war within
has a cruel and brutal sound.