All for the Fries

and rain again
a steady downpour,
no umbrella,
stomach growling ~
not far now…

the safe haven,
distributor of The Best,
french fries, edible gold
so close.
my middle celebrates;
already tasting
sweet release…


through the tall windows, brightly lit, i see
tiles, polished to high sheen
village’s drunkard
in his usual spot,
head low, caressing
a bottle of beer;
the smell of fried goods
tickles, tortures my nose.

door opened by longing hand
to bells, jingling;
heaven’s sound
to my near-starving, soppy self ~
greeted by the snack bar’s owner,
i take my first step
to salvation

no warning for me,
my feet leave treacherous ground,
rear hits the tiles, hard ~
adventurous sneaker
to make contact
with my heart’s desire ~
the deep fryer.

the owner, baffled,
stares at the frying shoe
while i sit in pain, ears turning crimson ~
and the drunkard
honors me with a mumbled
” be more careful next time, girl”,
before he turns to
more pressing,
gulping matters.

i shared this because of dVerse‘s tempting call for the Unexpected…
ahem… “unfortunately”, a true story.

The Sacrifice

the soldier he fell
to his knees and he screamed
clutching the dirt in his fist

his eyes gaping holes
burnt and blistered each day
from horrors, never meant to exist

empty shell of a friend
all marred and charred
glowing ashes, next to his form

he dared not to look
for the pain was too great
the aftermath, a raging cold storm

so he steeled his mind
and cut out his heart
to bury it, there in the ground

he covered it up
and then got to his feet
to face the next demon, no sound

The Grocery Walk of Shame

i went grocery shopping today.
i couldn’t go alone.
unfortunately, i have to rely on crutches for a time because i fell down some stairs and really gave it to my ankle. so i needed a good samaritan to take me to the store, and i found one.
when we pulled into the parking lot, the only spot close to the store was a real tight one, and since i’m not so good at walking long distances right now, we took it.
it isn’t easy to get out of the car with crutches and even harder if there’s not much space, so i had to work a bit. i was extra careful to not bang the car door against the car next to us – i thought that was very considerate of me.
halfway through my struggle, i noticed this guy standing there, keys in hand, giving me a disapproving glance. his stance made it fairly obvious that it was his car next to ours, his tapping foot implied that he was in a hurry, and his glare told me that he dared me to touch his car with my car door.
he watched me for a good long while, muttering under his breath, until i finally managed to get out of the car and stand up on my 3 feet (2 silver ones, the other one was mine – the 4th is on a well deserved vacation after all the trouble i put it through).
it would have saved him some time to just hold the door open for me, but i didn’t dare rob him of the opportunity to get angry about something by asking if he could lend me a hand… some people need it more than they need food. and he seemed to be that kind of guy.
so i gave him a passing smile (an honest one) and went into the store.

i work at a neurological rehab clinic. lots of people in wheelchairs, using crutches or canes… i’m used to it. it’s normal to me. but today i really got to see (and feel) that it’s not normal to most others.
there i was, hobbling through the store with my good samaritan by my side, carrying my basket… you wouldn’t believe the stares we got.
people shied away whenever i got closer, as if i were infectious. really unbelievable. i briefly considered to start coughing and wheezing, but eventually decided against it.
i always knew about the weird looks handicapped people got in public, but today i felt them. it’s disturbing and humiliating.

i can only imagine how horrible it must be to go through this every day. i am lucky to get rid of my crutches soon enough, but a lot of people out there will never get better. they’re stuck for life.

i can only say: hats off to you.
you are my heroes.

Dear Crutches,

i have to admit you look quite fancy with your bright red handles, your long, silver bodies and your little red shoes, but now that i have to rely on you approximately 18 hours a day, would you mind thinking about making the next generation a bit more comfortable?!
not that i mind having arms like Schwarzenegger, but the heels of my hands could really use a break. really. i mean it.
i would appreciate it if you took my request into consideration and will be waiting for your answer.

your owner



                                                                    yep, it really does seem to be getting Imageworse.
not that i’m not grateful for certain people cleaning up after me while i’m hobbling around on crutches, it’s just getting old. and fast. oh, and swelling, too. of course. damn you, stairs!

it’s tuesday morning and i miss work already, not too long ago i never wanted to set another foot (ha ha) in there ever again and i’m happy that’s no longer the case. things change… when people do.
it doesn’t have to be draining and frustrating, just figuring out not to let it get to you takes some time and effort… i’m glad i did. the health care system isn’t what it used to be – it can be easily compared to assembly-line work now. yes, i know, sounds horrbile, doesn’t it… but unfortunately, that’s how it is. hospitals are tremendously understaffed and no one does have the time to actually care anymore, due to the tight schedule. doesn’t this make the term ‘Health Care System‘ sound kind of ironic?!
the world is moving incredibly fast, the daily pressure keeps building and building and – let’s face it – medical care won’t get any better due to these circumstances. the trick is, not too think about it too much… being a small fish, there’s nothing you can change anyways, all you can do is try to be human in a totally inhuman environment.
A smile goes a long way…”, that is actually quite true. it took me a long time to realize that it all comes back to that. you won’t change a single thing being just a small wheel in a huge mechanism that can be easily replaced, but you can improve your and others’ circumstances immensely just by taking care of the small things. be polite. listen. help without offering too much of yourself. decent human behavior. and yes, a little egoism, too… but i like to call it self-preservation.
how i miss walking the thin line between not caring at all and caring too much and totally nailing it. never thought i could do it, but i can. it’s nice when you can surprise yourself.

i think i’ll hobble back to bed now – too little sleep for me, and since i’m home, i might as well enjoy the luxury of crawling back into my snugly den.

yes, balloon foot, you can come, too. but only because you asked nicely.

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