Technicalities, Submerged.

sitting through this blatant lecture
of how and when and why
i doodle seahorses &
flip my mermaid’s tail – in time
to inward seaweed smiles.

at 8:34am i pray
(through glyphs and flowing ink),
that my hand will always be small enough
to fit into
reality’s gaps.

Open the Door

seeds, caked
to the bottom of cold, sterile bowls
never to grow – not inside you

and you pace,
contained –
run your raw fingertips
along iron bars,
fumbling for the lock,
the key…

the key?
it is
right there –
always has been.
are you brave enough?
bold enough?
do you see now?

how will you ever
find inspiration
and live, truly
if you do not
step out
of your custom-made cage?

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