Through the Keyhole

do you remember
the comfort of sympathy?
do you recall
the warmth of delicate touch?

do you remember
the rays of life
embracing your being?

do you recall
the feeling of purity
in loved ones’ company?

you made your scorn palpable.
turned your back on life itself.

you locked the door
behind you…
lost the key
long ago

driven by need,
devoured by jealousy

forever doomed
to look
through the keyhole.

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What If…

what if
i forget?

my mind’s stronghold
no longer my own;
in time’s desert
where the last viscid thought clings
to dry river’s bed

what if
i forget?

the touch of loved ones;
no longer gentle to me
but omnious and fearsome,
strangers –
invading my life,
my privacy

what if
i forget?

my name
my thoughts
my words
and i stumble;
the face of dawn
no longer uplifting friend –
for i know
i will have to endure
another alien day
in an alien world

will i still
be a person
if i no longer exist
in my own mind?
what if…
i forget?

… Stuart over at dVerse has us writing about phobia/fear… come over and join a bunch of scared people at the bar! I definitely need a beer now…
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