on a larger scale,
does the weight of
words left unsaid

we should pound them
and weigh intention,
not letters.

Dear Heartfelt Letters,

it’s been a couple of months now since I started blogging and you’ve been my faithful companions for a good, long while.
I’ve begun to realize that this blog is turning into a full-out Poetry Blog (duh, stating the obvious) – and since you look a little lost (and might feel threatened by all these weird, sometimes big word constructions over here), I decided to give you a new home.
From now on, you will make your appearances in a poetry-free realm… and you can finally stop wrinkling your noses.
I am sure you will like it there – I think I created a nice environment for you to live in.
I am thankful for your company and hope you won’t smack me for moving you. After all, it’s a lot better than the obligatory shoe box, don’t you think?

The Landlady

P.S: Keys are under the doormat.


Dear Ignorant Idiots,

rape jokes about a photo of a girl passed out drunk on the ground aren’t fun.
they are sick and macabre.

i hope one day, someone will put a mirror in front of you… to show you how wrong you are to call yourselves ‘human beings’.
but honestly, i doubt you would even see the truth… and end up admiring your haircuts.

i won’t even call you animals, because animals are certainly more evolved than you.
i hope you fall flat on your faces for your ignorance.

a pissed off individual

Dear Melted Cheese,

i have to resist the urge to squeal with joy every time we meet.

you’re so delicious, i wish i could eat a ton of you and not get nauseous.
i like you best a little burnt – sometimes i provoke this particular consistency just by putting a slice of you in the microwave.
the outcome… a feast for my senses. mmmh.

you are awesome.
stay as you are… and be sure, you will have a devoted fan – as long as my cholesterol allows it.

thank you,
an admirer

Dear Past,

you have haunted me for quite a while now.

this morning, i woke up feeling something… extraordinary.

the anger was gone.
just gone.

i have no idea how long it has been.
it feels like a lifetime.
i always figured i would feel somewhat naked without it, but i don’t. it just feels… lighter somehow. i like it.
so, after receiving such a great gift, i stepped up and took the newfound opportunity.
i wrote something.
to someone.
i got rid of the last few scraps of hurt still floating around in my mind. it felt… good. those words out there, no longer sharpened and shaped by anger… i have to admit i was a bit proud of myself.
i said what i wanted to say. what needed to be said.
i paved the road for someone… and what that someone makes of it… no longer up to me.
i removed a burden not meant for me to carry. sweet relief.

my dear past, i want to thank you.

thank you for finally letting me slip out of your grasp… for letting me see, that there is something else waiting for me. something different from painful memories. it is such a good feeling to start blinking again.

thank you for letting me wake up today… feeling like this.
thank you for letting go of me.

forever grateful,
the former fist of anger

Dear Beautiful Minds,

how i treasure you.

you do not only weave a comfortable blanket around me with your words, thoughts and ideas, you keep the fire in me burning.
every day i see you share my admiration for words… you all use them with care; thoughtfully place them in order to fit your intentions.
i love it.
i love how you inspire me, how you make me laugh, well up, startle me, how you make me uneasy. the whole spectrum of emotions… you present it to me on a daily basis – and i am grateful for your offerings.

thank you.

an admirer

p.s.: because i do not want to make this too sentimental, please insert an inappropriate word of your choice here -> (         )… to lighten the mood. heh.

Dear Frozen Chicken,

i have been looking at you, sitting on my counter, for some time now.

i briefly considered defrosting you in the microwave, but for some reason, this always ends up in disaster. no matter how hard i try, i never seem to be able to get it right… when the cheerful bing finally sounds, the stuff i put in there is always cooked on the outside and still icy on the inside. ugh.

i am writing this letter to cheer you on.
my stomach is growling and it’s starting to get real angry with me. i know, you’re probably trying to make me suffer for wanting to eat you, but i promise your new home will be warm and cozy – at least for a while. when it’s time to let you go again, i will be reluctant – i know you will be delicious… and, honestly, who wants to voluntarily give up something that good?!

so would you please hurry up a bit? you’re my breakfast and i’m too lazy (and now too determined) to make toast.

thanks in advance,
the famished


in secret
i read out loud
words’ forms and shapes
others’ words
or my own;
it matters not.

in secret
i taste, enunciate,
cherish language
for what it is…
for what they are…
paint pictures, wondering
if the stranger saw
the same, writing.

in secret
i laugh and cry;
or stare, blankly
turn away in disgust
or simply enjoy.

in secret
i am an addict.
words are my drugs
and i live through them.

Dear Modem,

we had to part today.

yes, the rumors are true; i replaced you with someone younger. please don’t call me a slut, you know it isn’t like that.
we had some very good years and i am thankful we met. i still remember the day i found you at my doorstep – what a wonderful surprise.
you know as well as me, that it was your time to go. i hope you can see the truth in my words… maybe you’ll even enjoy your retirement!
i may not keep a picture of you in my wallet, but please be assured that i will always remember the good times we had.
farewell, my friend. you will not be forgotten.

the surfer, caller and watcher

“Dear” Nightmare,

you were never invited.
how dare you enter here? have you ever heard of trespassing?!?!

we encountered last night… and although i tried really hard to shake you off, you clung to me all day. don’t you have anywhere else to be?!
you’re annoying as hell.

consider this your first and last warning.
if you ever show your ugly face again, i will not be as nice as i am now.
i will get the broom.
and shove the handle up your *beep*.

stay away. i will not say it again.

“best wishes”,
the annoyed

Dear Stranger,

i know which day it is.
of course i know.
i’ve had this queasy feeling in my stomach all week.
last year, i sent you a postcard from this spanish island – and i wrote it in tears.
this year, i won’t even do that.

i don’t know if you even deserve it if i say happy birthday – no, i won’t say it. you probably don’t.
i guess part of me wants everything to still be okay.
we were friends… after all.

ah, i think i’ll just wish you a *blank* *blank* (whatever that might be) and be done… i’m not really sure why i wrote this…
had to get it out of my head somehow, right?

have a nice life. ???!!!

someone you once knew


ashes’ memories…
several years worth of letters
still stain my fingers –
when i look, i see.

i will miss them, i know…
they used to be
my greatest treasure.
i will miss them…
but better to miss
than get lost
and drown
in twisted fairy tales ~
without a hint of truth.

Dear Medical Tape,

oh, i am sure i look ridiculous right now… but honestly, i don’t care.

i am happy you could join me today – and i appreciate your help.
i’ve been stuck with this stupid frown on my face all day, and with your help, i could make it go away.

you’re really strong, i can’t even attempt to form another frown, if i tried, it would not work… good job! my muscles are thankful – though i am sure, my mirror is not.

thank you for providing a slight (and slightly weird) relief for me today. i will keep the excellent results in mind and may fall back on your services in the future.
…who says you can’t turn (well, rather force in this case) a frown upside down?!

thank you,
the girl who kind of looks like Spock right now

Dear Weight,

today, i forced you off my shoulders.

i have to admit that my stomach got a bit queasy before i took action, but that was to be expected – after such a long time.
i was so used to you… and it did not cross my mind that i was carrying all this extra weight over the past couple of years… and not just my own.
i am happy i finally found out.

i would advise you not to cling to anyone else – it is not a nice move, and – to be honest – you won’t make many friends this way.
maybe you should diet a little to make yourself lighter… oh, and don’t forget to tell your true owner i said ‘hi’.
i am just tired of you making my back hurt – it’s not gonna happen anymore.

so please, stay gone. i never want to see you again. knowing you wasn’t as nice as i thought… you should really work on your people skills.

the former weight lifter

Dear Time,

i know you don’t really exist and humankind only invented you because we feel the need to measure everything, but since you have been brought to existence, i would ask one thing of you…

please be more merciful.

how can it be that you always seem to happen to go by so fast when i need you to take it slow? and – of course – when i feel like you could go by more quickly, you enjoy to linger and dawdle, make me feel every second… sometimes even painfully so.
is this your revenge for us handing you the responsibility to keep the whole world in line?
i don’t really know…

maybe if we sat down together, we could work out some kind of agreement… because, really… sometimes you’re a handful.

a captive