Politically (in)correct

is just a metaphor ~
the groomed lump
adorned with fake smile
has long forgotten
how to function;
how it feels
to be human.

shriveled heart in your chest;
if it can be found at all ~
without magnifying glass and tweezers
a fruitless attempt.

my stomach rebels
at the sight of you;
tempted to hurl
your lies
back in your face ~

i suggest
you wear your ass
as a hat
and see if it helps
to improve your image.

The Panda over at RuleOfStupid from the “Three Nuts and a Squirrel Crew” extended the challenge to write a poem of a journey through the human body, using the words bum or colon (i went with “ass” because it’s fun to use!), stomach, chest, heart and head. Somehow I ended up ‘describing’ a certain Politician who shall not be named here… let’s just say I don’t like him all that much. Heh.

The Gifted Lie

heart’s movement
is easily manipulated,
ensnared by lies in wrapping paper –
spoken with practiced tongue.
the gifted lie,
so colorful to look at,
sits on your mind’s shelf…
untouched, always admired –
and you wonder
about the foul stench’s source…
for you can see nothing
but beauty.

The Snake Charmer

if you looked closely
you could see
all the lies
around her feet
fat snakes
called into existence
to serve her only purpose:
but you choose
to be blinded
by the image
she creates.

so much easier
to just believe
and turn your head,
isn’t it?