it has been so long since I last moved,
that I forgot what it means
to take a step forward —
that my feet got stuck to the pavement
& grew roots in its crevices —
that my perception gathered dust &
flightless birds nested in my sentience.

it has been so long since I last moved,
that now
my footfalls echo farther than ever before
& resonate in the depths of my very be(ginn)ing
because this time,
I have nothing to lose.

Water’s Edge

at first, we dragged our feet
at the bottom of the sea
when water still spoke in serrated whispers
that only we could hear —
but soon we lost our fortunate foothold
& were bound to face
the smothering tides.

The Gift of Mor(t)ality

for the longest time I rode
side by side with mor(t)ality
on washed-out, winding roads, searching
for that one shred of humility
that led me back to mySelf

he was a hero of sorts —
with his relaxed posture &
those pearly-white teeth, easily slicing
through even the harshest bits of reality
as if they were nothing

& with just his lopsided smile
he always reminded me what it should feel like
to be human in an inhumane world.