erase the moon
shed darkness ‘pon this rotting flesh
erase the moon
send vulture’s wings; take leave — ’cause soon
this famished soul will turn to ash
and still this heart – too bold, too rash
erase the moon

embrace the moon
shed light upon this sullen soul
embrace the moon
come, listen to her silver tune
to cleanse this heart of dust and coal —
your wounded spirit shall be whole
embrace the moon

… two Rondelets – written for dVerse’s ‘Form for All‘-Prompt… thank you so much for the introduction, Tony… this was a real brain teaser – such fun!

Beyond The Moon

from the corner of his eye
he reads
the wind in her hair;
intoxicating, scented braille

he whispers fireflies;
fragments of his soul,
to descend
on her eyelashes
(feathery soft),
and tip-toe to the moon;
where his gaze tastes hers,
in white & faintest blue.

Written for Victoria C. Slotto’s prompt about Synesthesia (confused sensations) over at dVerse – come join us at the bar!